Can Kasa Smart Plug Be Used Outside? (12 Ways to Use Them Outdoors!)

Can Kasa Smart Plug Be Used Outside

Have you ever been outside and wondered, “Can kasa smart plug be used outside?” We got your answer!

Yes, the Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug can be used outside as it has a IP64 rating which allows it to handle water splashes and dust particles that it may come in contact with.

The kasa smart plug has been used widely in recent times. It offers a lot of advantages, but one of the main attractions is how it can be used outside. So, if you’re someone who enjoys spending quality time outdoors, can kasa smart plug be used outside? Will be addressed in this article.

This article provides all the information you need to know, so before you begin using this product, make sure that you read the article carefully and take note of the several ways the kasa smart plug can be used outside. We will teach you 12 of those ways!

12 Ways Your Kasa Smart Plug Can Be Used Outside

1. Use it to automate your outdoor lighting and accessories

Light timers in the living room or garden are really convenient when they are connected to a central hub like the kasa plug. The hub allows you to program your lights according to certain schedules, and it can also turn your lights off automatically when no one is home.

And since the kasa offers a power output of up to 5A (or 15W), you can also use it to automate other appliances.

For example, if your outdoor speakers or alarm system are set on a timer, then you can connect it to the kasa plug, and the timer will work fine with the power drawn from the kasa smart plug.

2. Activate your garden lights with just a button

If you live with an unstable electricity supply, you can automatically use your kasa plug to activate your outdoor lighting. This feature is particularly useful when you have fully charged lighting spots.

For instance, if your garden has been filled with fully charged reflective lights, then you can connect the kasa plug to its power source and turn them on automatically when it gets dark. As a matter of fact, the kasa plug also supports an auto-light function.

When you connect this device to an outlet, it will automatically switch on the lights.

3. Use the plug to create a smart sensor

Connecting your car’s sensors to your kasa plug and using it as a smart sensor is possible. For instance, if you have installed solar power panels across your yard, you can use the kasa plug to monitor how much sun each panel receives every day.

After doing this, it will be easier for you to check whether your solar panels are charging up or not.

4. Use it to control your lights remotely and monitor your air quality and noise levels

The kasa plug has a simple feature that allows you to control your lights from anywhere. For instance, if you want to switch off the lights outside, you only need to send a remote command from a cell phone or computer.

You can even check how long the lights have been switched off by checking their status online. Another interesting feature this device offers is the ability to monitor air quality and noise levels.

The sensor will download the data and alert you whenever there is an issue with your home’s air or sound levels.

5. Use the plug to control your sprinkler system

The kasa plug offers a simple way to make your sprinkler system automated. For example, you can use this device to switch off the sprinklers automatically when it rains and then turn them on at specific times.

This way, you only need to set the timer once and forget about it. At the same time, you will also save a lot of water because you won’t have to water your garden manually.

6. Use this product to power up your farm equipment

This product is compatible with farm equipment too. For instance, you can use your kasa plug to power up your snow blower or water pump. You also don’t need to worry about the cord getting in the way of the equipment’s mechanics because it will not interfere with them.

This product is made in a way that it will not affect sensitive gadgets like these.

7. Use this device to monitor the thermostat and manage automated settings

You can use the kasa plug to monitor your electrical system, and it can also set up controls for your automatic settings when there’s no one around.

For instance, you can use the kasa plug to figure out whether anyone has tampered with your thermostat because it has been programmed via remote control. And if someone has changed your settings, then this alarm will tell you about it.

8. Use it to monitor the water level in your pool

This device has a built-in sensor that monitors your pool’s water level. You can either use the weather monitor feature or the sensor itself to monitor whether the water is getting warmer or colder.

If it is getting warmer, then this is a good idea to adjust the temperature of your water in winter. At the same time, if it is getting colder, then this product can work as a heater and will heat up your pool automatically when needed.

9. Use it to power your office equipment

The kasa plug can be used to power up your business office equipment. This electrical device has powerful connection ports that will allow you to connect your printers and computer peripherals, making it easier for you to finish all necessary tasks while working from home.

This product can effectively keep your machines running in the right conditions with a lot of ease.

10. Use the plug as an energy-saving device

The kasa smart plug has a simple design that allows it to work efficiently and increase the efficiency of your home’s electrical system. This product has been designed in such a way that it can effectively save energy without requiring any maintenance.

This means that it is possible for you to use this product in order to save money, and at the same time, your utility bills will also decrease.

11. Use it to monitor your lights at night

The kasa plug has an auto-turn-off function, which means that no matter how many hours of darkness you experience, the lights will automatically turn off when it gets dark. This way, you can only turn them back on when they need them.

Also, you can use this feature to create schedules for your outdoor lighting.

12. Use the plug to keep your house temperature comfortable

The kasa plug is designed to control the room temperature without affecting other electrical gadgets or the temperature of your water heater.

This product has a built-in thermostat function that will automatically adjust your home’s temperature according to how hot or cold it gets during the day.

Can Kasa Smart Plug Be Used Outside? Final Thoughts

The kasa plug is a smart electrical device that will significantly improve your daily life by making it more convenient, efficient and safe. This product has been made in a way that it will not interrupt any of the electrical equipment you have installed in your house.

It has five different functions which include: controlling all electrical outlets, sunlight sensors, air quality sensors, sprinkler systems and motion detectors.

This smart plug has ensured that it is safe to use with hundreds of different installations and powerful features that make it useful for households and businesses. You only have to prepare an outlet for this device and connect the power cord to one of its ports.

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