How Long Do Phillips Hue Bulbs Last? (2022 Ultimate Guide!)

How Long Do Phillips Hue Bulbs Last

How long do Philips Hue bulbs last? That’s a great question and one I’m sure many people will be asking after they invest in these innovative bulbs. Philips Hue bulbs are some of the best smart bulbs on the market, there’s one question that comes up in almost every single review.

If you’re looking for more information about Philips Hue bulbs, keep reading to learn all about these smart lights and how long they last before they need to be replaced.

Philips Hue bulbs are rated at up to 25,000 hours and last for up to 25 years, which is longer than the average lifespan of your household light bulbs. However, it’s important to remember that a Hue bulb is not only a light bulb but a smart light that can be controlled by other smart devices.

The bulbs come in three colors: white, warm white, and cool white. Each bulb has its color temperature and brightness level, so you can adjust the lighting to suit any space or mood you’re trying to create.

You can set up timed tasks for each bulb using the Hue app, allowing you to wake up at the same time every morning by turning off all your lights and letting your bedside lamps turn on automatically before you get out of bed.

How Does A Philips Hue Bulb Work?

Philips Hue bulbs work like any other light bulb, using a filament to produce heat. The difference is that Philips Hue bulbs have a small computer inside them. This computer connects to your Wi-Fi and can be controlled using your smart device.

Philips Hue bulbs are more expensive than your average light bulb because they contain the aforementioned computer chip, as well as an LED strip that produces white light.

Why Do Lightbulbs Burn Out?

Lightbulbs burn out because they are constantly generating heat when they are turned on. The heat is created when the filament inside the bulb starts to glow and create light. A traditional incandescent bulb has a coiled wire at the base that heats up and starts to release light energy that can’t escape. It eventually gets so hot that it burns out.

Fluorescent bulbs work differently and last longer than an incandescent bulbs since they have gases inside them that release light as electrons collide with gas molecules, but they still need to be replaced eventually.

LED bulbs last even longer because there is no filament or mercury vapor inside of them, just a solid piece of semiconductor material called a diode that produces light when an electric current passes through them.

How To Make Your Philips Hue Lightbulbs Last Longer

One way to make your Philips Hue lightbulbs last longer is to use them less. For the lightbulbs to last as long as possible, you should only use them for 20 minutes at a time and then let them rest for 20-30 minutes before using them again.

Also, try not to use your Philips Hue lightbulbs in direct sunlight or a very hot room. They mustn’t be exposed to extreme heat because this will shorten their lifespan. You can prolong their life by making sure that they do not come into contact with water (or moisture) since this will cause them to short circuit.

If they are accidentally dropped on the ground or if there is something spilled on them, clean them up immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel since it could be something corrosive like battery acid that could damage the bulb.

6 Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Your Phillips Hue Lightbulbs

  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room or go to sleep. This is not only a good way to save on your electricity bill, but it prolongs the life of your bulbs by preventing them from being left on for extended periods.
  • If you have a ceiling fan, make sure that it’s turned off during the night so that the blades are not spinning and breaking any lightbulb filaments.
  • Turn off your bedroom lights when you wake up in the morning. Just like turning them off at night, this will help prevent any accidental burning out of lightbulbs.
  • Keep your lightbulb clean with a dry cloth to reduce unnecessary heat buildup near the bulb which could cause premature fading or burning out of lightbulbs.
  • Make sure that you’re using a lightbulb appropriate for the socket (i.e., no higher wattage than necessary) to ensure proper lighting without overheating the socket. Higher wattage means more power used, which means more potential for overheating and a shorter lifetime of lightbulbs.
  • Install a dimmer switch to control the intensity of your lights as needed without having to constantly change out your old bulbs. Dimmers can be especially useful if you use energy-efficient CFL or LED bulbs because they won’t need their lifespan shortened by high levels of use.

4 Tips For Using Philips Hue Bulbs

There are a few things you can do to maximize the life of your bulbs.

  • First, make sure they’re in a well-ventilated area and at least eight inches away from any other light source.
  • Second, have them on a dimmer switch or only use them when necessary so that they don’t burn out faster than necessary.
  • Third, replace your bulbs as soon as you notice any flickering or buzzing sounds coming from them which could be signs of an impending bulb failure.
  • And lastly, Philips recommends turning off all connected lights for an hour before turning them back on after the power has been restored.

How Long Do Phillips Hue Bulbs Last? Conclusion

The Philips Hue bulbs are great for creating a more immersive environment in your home. Though they aren’t the cheapest option on the market, you can use them to create the perfect ambiance for whatever room you’re in. If you want to get the most out of your investment, it’s important to know how long these bulbs last before needing a replacement.

So, How Long Do Philips Hue Bulbs Last? The lifespan of Philips hue bulbs is 25,000 hours or about 25 years.

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