How to Connect an Arlo Camera in 6 Simple Steps!

How To Connect An Arlo Camera

Arlo cameras are among the best cameras in the market to beef up your security needs. They offer numerous possibilities on how you can use and connect them. The Arlo cameras are available in a wide range of models for you to choose from.

The cameras are small in size, making them less noticeable. The cameras are also easy to set up and connect.

So, how do you connect an Arlo Camera?

It is easy to connect your Arlo camera by following these super simple steps: Start by downloading the Arlo app and select your camera, turn on your camera, connect your Arlo camera to WI-FI, Position your Arlo camera, Adjust the camera’s view, test the camera’s motion detection and your camera is ready to be armed.

Let us discuss how to connect your Arlo camera with these steps in detail.

How to Connect an Arlo Camera Through Wi-Fi

Step 1: Download the Arlo App

You can download the Arlo app from the Apple or Google play store.

Step 2: Add a new Device and select your camera

Once you have downloaded the Arlo app, launch the app and start by creating your account. Proceed and choose the model of your camera from the list provided. The Arlo app is essential in the whole process as it will act as a guideline. You can also adjust various camera settings through the app.

Step 3: Turn on your camera.

This step will guide you on how to turn on your Arlo camera. Arlo cameras are available in two models; wired models and wire-free models. The wired models get the power directly from the power source through a cable. For this type, find an outlet and plug in the power cable, and check the led on the front. You can also extend the cable length to fit your preferred positioning.

The wire-free models come with a battery. Carefully insert the battery by following the instructions given. The led in front of the camera will turn on with either an amber or blue color. The amber color will indicate the battery is low; connect the charger to continue the connecting process. If it’s blue, it indicates the battery has enough charge.

Step 4: Connect your Arlo Camera to the Wi-Fi

This step will discuss connecting your Arlo camera to the Wi-Fi. Remember, Arlo cameras only connect to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Start by connecting your phone to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

After connecting your phone to the Wi-Fi network, return to the Arlo app and follow the provided procedure. Start by selecting continue on the Arlo app to enable it to access your location and find your Wi-Fi network. After it has detected your Wi-Fi network, enter the password.

The Arlo app will then show a QR code, scan the QR code using your camera and wait for it to chime before you can continue.

You can also decide to connect your camera to an Arlo base station.

Step 5: Position your Arlo camera

After setting up your Arlo camera, it is time to position it strategically to capture video footage or detect motion. Position your camera in a place it is not easily noticeable. Mount your camera at places you can reach easily but away from other people’s reach. You can mount your camera using the essential indoor, magnetic, or outdoor mount kit.

For indoor use, Arlo comes with an essential indoor mounting kit. The kit includes a stand that you can use to mount the camera on the wall. Arlo cameras are known for excellent stability and can rest independently, but the wall mount or stand gives you more possibilities and views your camera can get.

Some models, like the Arlo Ultra, have a magnetic mount that you can attach to the wall using a screw. The magnetic mount has a drywall anchor and a plastic stopper that clips into the back for better stability.

Arlo also has an outdoor mount kit to keep your camera out of reach and for a better view. The outdoor mount ensures it is stable and difficult to unmount by use of screws. The screws also protect against strong winds or disturbances that might make your camera fall.

Step 6: Adjust your Camera’s view.

The Arlo camera has numerous possibilities regarding the field of view. You can set your camera for effective motion detection and video recording. Use the Arlo app, go to settings, and your devices can set your camera’s positioning, the field of view, video modes, video settings, and motion zones, among other settings.

Step 7: Test motion detection and Arm your Camera

Arlo cameras use motion detectors to start taking any video feed. Go to settings on the Arlo app, my devices, then go to device utilities and select the motion detection test to set your camera to your preferred settings.

Time to Arm your Arlo camera and allow it to send video feeds and notifications to your phone or storage. There are various arming options; disarmed means no recording or notifications; armed means manually set on the app to start recording, schedule means armed at a specific time.

Another option is geofencing means camera arms and disarms based on your location and custom mode, where you can decide what the camera does.


How to Connect an Arlo Camera to an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station

The Arlo base station acts as a local video storage instead of saving it to the cloud storage plan. However, the recent models don’t require a base station, but it is a requirement for Arlo Pro and Arlo ultra 2. You can use these steps to connect your camera through an Arlo SmartHub of Base station.

1. Start by launching the Arlo app.

2. Select Add New Device

3. Tap cameras

4. Select your camera model

5. Select Arlo smarthub or Arlo Base station and select add new SmartHub or Base station

6. Plug in the ethernet cable into your Base station or your SmartHub

7. Go to your Arlo app and tap Continue

8. Plug in the SmartHub or the Base station to the Ac power source. The lights on The base station or SmartHub will turn on. tap Continue

9. You are now connected with your SmarHub or Base station

Continue with this article’s earlier process to set up your Arlo camera. Also, ensure your camera is within 3 or 6 feet of your Arlo SnmartHub or Base Station during the other steps of setting up your camera.


How To Connect Arlo Camera – Wrapping Up

To wrap up that all important question, how do you connect your Arlo camera?

These are the simple steps: Download and launch the Arlo app and select your camera, turn on your camera., connect your Arlo camera to WI-FI, Position your Arlo camera, Adjust the camera’s view, test the camera’s motion detection and your camera is ready to be armed.

I hope this article has helped you in connecting and using your Arlo camera!

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