How to Reset an Arlo Camera (Two Best Ways to Reset it!)

How to Reset An Arlo Camera

If you’re running into some issues with your Arlo camera that can’t be solved no matter what settings you try, you’re probably thinking about the reset button right about now and how to go about resetting the camera to default, well thankfully we have the solution.

So, how do you reset an Arlo camera?

To reset your Arlo camera, there are two options to pick from, resetting the camera from your account or using the camera’s sync button, to reset the camera via your account, go to My Devices and remove your desired camera, to reset the camera using the sync button, you’ll need to hold the sync button on top of the camera for 15 seconds, once the required steps are taken your camera will be reset.

How do I add Arlo cameras to my account?

In order to add any additional Arlo cameras to your account, you’ll need to first launch the Arlo app on your apple or android device.

Once the app is opened, you’ll need to scroll down the first page that appears when you open the Arlo app, once you find the Add New Device option, tap on it and find the model of the Arlo camera that you have purchased.

When you come across the model number of the Arlo camera that you have purchased, start placing the batteries into your new Arlo camera.

Once you’ve inserted the batteries, you’re going to want to hold the sync button on the top of the camera for two seconds, and then release it, a blue LED will start blinking on the front of the camera, this will indicate that your camera is ready to pair with your Arlo account.

The new Arlo camera will then pop up on your Arlo app, once the new camera has appeared, simply tap on it and give it a name (Side of house, for example) click on continue, then click on finish, and you’ll now be able to enjoy your shiny new Arlo camera!

Does resetting my Arlo camera get rid of all my camera settings?

Unfortunately yes, resetting your Arlo camera does get rid of all your individual camera settings, but there’s a good reason for this.

When it comes to software and electronics as a whole, sometimes there’s a setting or two that we can click that we didn’t exactly want to click in the first place, and it can unravel a whole bunch of issues we wouldn’t have wanted in the first place.

This is where the infamous reset button comes in, think of it like a fresh start for your camera, it pretty much returns to the same default settings that were originally on the camera when you purchased it, which definitely comes in when you just want all fresh settings on your seasoned Arlo camera.

Can my Arlo camera reset automatically?

No, your Arlo camera will not reset automatically. Normally, once you’ve set the perfect settings for your camera, you’ll want it to stay that way, but the question may pop into your head from time to time, “What if my camera randomly resets itself, or gets rid of all my settings?” well, luckily for you, the team at Arlo gave the camera a smart reset button for a reason.

In order to reset the camera, you’ll have to hold down the sync button on the camera for a set period of time, normally 15 seconds, this prevents any random outside behavior from wiping all the hard work you’ve put into perfecting your camera’s settings.

Say you have a bird land on the camera, with any other reset button that activates at the press of a button, there’s a pretty good chance that a bird will hit that button at some point when making its descent, luckily the reset button on the Arlo camera is already in a hard to get to position once it’s mounted, preventing any kind of behavior like this from messing with your camera.

How many times can I reset my Arlo camera?

If you’ve made a few decisions with your Arlo camera that haven’t satisfied what you were initially hoping for, you can easily reset the camera as much as you like.

There’s no limit on the amount or period of time in which you make resets to your Arlo camera, which gives you ultimate customization over your Arlo camera as a whole.

Do I have to be home while I reset my Arlo camera?

If you make the decision to reset your Arlo camera while you’re away from your home, that might be a decision that you might not want to make.

In order to reset the camera, you’re going to need access to both your Arlo account and the Arlo camera itself, and that’s due to the camera’s physical sync button that needs to be pressed.

This is to ensure that you actually want to reset your camera and not mistakenly lose all your settings because of a misclick that can happen from time to time, and you wouldn’t exactly want to reset all the work you’ve put into your camera’s fine-tuned settings.

If you want to remove a camera from your account while you’re away from home, you can easily do that through the app, but you won’t be able to add the camera back into your account until you return back to the physical location of the camera.

How to Reset an Arlo Camera – Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are wondering how you can reset your Arlo camera, there are a few steps you’ll need to take.

Firstly you’ll have to gain physical access to the camera, secondly, you’ll need to open the Arlo app on your phone or tablet and access your account, thirdly you need to either first hold down the sync button on your Arlo camera for 15 seconds or manually remove the camera from your phone.

Once you’ve held down the button on your camera and released it, take the necessary steps to add the camera back into your Arlo app, if you’ve instead removed the camera manually from your Arlo account, you’re going to have to hold down the sync button for two seconds then release it, and re-pair the camera with your phone.

If all goes well, your Arlo camera should be reset and ready to roll with some new settings.

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