How to Sync Arlo Camera to Base in 11 Simple Steps!

How To Sync Arlo Camera to Base

Arlo is a wireless security camera that combines with the Arlo app to give you 24/7 HD recordings of what’s happening within your home. One thing that’s easy to forget when setting up your Arlo camera is mounting it so the cameras can be synced with the base.

The rest of this post will demonstrate just how easy and straightforward it is to sync your cameras with the base, which will enable them to work together seamlessly.

How to Sync Arlo Camera to Base in 11 Simple Steps

1. Mount your Arlo Cameras

Arlo cameras come with mounts that allow you to easily install them on the wall or ceiling using screws or double-sided tape. An outdoor version is also available, which allows you to mount it on a fence or the side of your house. Find the perfect spot and secure them in place with the screws that come with each camera.

2. Connect a Wifi Router to Base Station

Arlo cameras and base station can be installed as far as 300 feet apart, as long as you have a strong wifi signal from your router to your Arlo base station. It is recommended to power the Arlo base station using an AC outlet that has a surge protector or line conditioner. When installing Arlo cameras outside, it’s recommended to use a weatherproof ac outlet rated for outdoor use.

3. Plug in the Base Station

The base station comes with a plug-in power adapter that connects directly to an ac outlet. Depending on the model of the base station you have (Pro, Pro 2, or Pro 3), there may be additional wires that need to be connected in order to power the device correctly (this is explained more below).

4. Download the Arlo App

To use your Arlo cameras, you will need to install the free Arlo app and create an account. You can download it on your iOS or Android device or sign in using the account linked to your Amazon account.

5. Open Camera Settings

Once you’ve installed the free app and logged in, it will automatically bring you to the camera settings page where you can change basic settings such as turning to record on and off, selecting which cameras you want to use, viewing the last recordings, and viewing some helpful tips.

The last setting, called Syncing Cameras, allows you to set up your cameras to work with the base station as a whole or split them into 2 groups of 4 for different zones of your home.

6. Configure Split-Screen Zoom

One of the features of the Arlo camera is the split-screen zoom that allows you to run different cameras simultaneously. For example, you may want to record your living room, dining room, and kitchen together so you can see what’s going on in all 3 rooms at once.

To use split-screen zoom, go to two different cameras (one belonging to each group) and press and hold one of the buttons on top of the camera to access Settings. You will then be instructed to turn Split Screen on.

7. Configure Syncing

Now that you have both cameras set to record, you need to configure them to communicate with the base station. To do this, go back to the camera settings screen of one of the cameras. On the right side of the screen, there is a button called Split & Merge that can be used either of two ways:

Split – Use this option when your Arlo camera has 2 or more video feeds that are far enough apart from each other so a person can walk between them without being visible in both camera views at once. This type of setup is useful for surveillance recording in different rooms.

Merge – Use this option when your Arlo camera and base station are in close proximity to each other. This option works well to get the most out of the full video feed from a single camera, allowing you to easily monitor both at once as they would be seen on a traditional TV screen.

8. Make sure camera settings are correct

Once you have set up your cameras and split-screen zoom, make sure that the configurations are correct. Under Settings, look for the icon with arrowheads pointing left and right to change feeds (1 or 2). If you have more than 2 cameras, each camera will have the same icon to switch from camera 3 to 4 and so on.

To access multiple cameras simultaneously, tap on the Arlo and hold for about 2 seconds to access Split Screen Widgets. This option allows you to view all cameras at once.

9. Test your Arlo Camera

Once you’ve made sure your cameras are synched with the base station, make sure it works by testing the cameras using your Arlo account. You can do this by using your computer browser or the mobile app on another device connected to the same wifi network as your Arlo account. You can log in to view recordings and see what’s going on in real time.

10. Install the Arlo App on iOS/Android

If you want to make your cameras even more useful and save even more time, you can install the free android and iOS apps. With the app, you can control your cameras remotely from the app when using Express Setup mode or use Motion Detection mode, and it automatically triggers recording when motion is detected.

The video playback capabilities are also much improved and make it easier to view recordings.

11. The final steps to complete

The process of setting up Arlo cameras with base can be summarized as follows:

Mount your cameras to the wall or ceiling using the screws that come with each camera. Power them using an outdoor AC outlet. Plug in your base station using the plug-in power adapter that comes with the device. Download and install the Arlo app on your device.

Configure Split-Screen Zoom for each camera; this way, you can view different angles in different rooms at once or record everything from every angle simultaneously. Configure Synching for your cameras to work with the base station; this way, you can view both live feeds at once. Test your camera using your Arlo account to make sure it works.

How to Sync Arlo Camera to Base – Final Thoughts

Synching is a very easy process that allows your Arlo cameras to work together easily with their base station. Setting up a wifi network for direct connectivity between the camera and the base station, as illustrated in these steps, is only one step away from the syncing camera with the base station.

You can also have 2-way communication between the camera and the base station without it, but you need to learn more about that topic before deciding if you want to use it or not.

Now you know how to sync Arlo Cameras online and configure the base station, get your Arlo system in place, and start capturing.

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