How To Use A Eufy Baby Monitor (10 Super Helpful Tips!)

how to use a eufy baby monitor

The Eufy baby monitor is a device that can be used to watch over your baby while they are sleeping which will help you to stay connected with your children. Some of the features of this helpful device include a two-way sound, night vision and wifi connectivity.

It also has sensors that monitor the room and alert you if it detect any changes in conditions such as temperature or noise levels.

Here are 10 super helpful tips on how to use a Eufy baby monitor!

10 Tips On How To Use a Eufy Baby Monitor

1.Setting up the device


The first thing that you need to do is set up the device. This will entail you doing some preliminary steps such as installing the app and plugging in a monitor near a power source so that you can use it for more than 12 hours. It may also require you to mount the camera on a wall or attach it to the crib. The camera should be placed at an angle from where one can see all parts of the room easily.


2. Adding cameras to your network


The next thing that you need to do is connect other monitors to your network or install another camera in another room where you want extra security or privacy while caring for your baby. This will make it possible for you to watch your baby as they sleep with another camera and also monitor your sleeping baby with the main camera.


3. Setting alerts and notifications


You may need to set alerts and notifications depending on the requirements that you have. You may for instance keep the monitor running all through the night so that anyone can hear sound immediately if there is anything wrong in your child’s room. However, this is only done when you are at home or in close proximity to add extra security.


4. Using the sound and light indicators


The sound and light indicating feature is a great way of knowing if something is wrong with your sleeping baby. You can use the light indicator for instance to alert you if there is light coming from outside into your baby’s room and this can be used as an added security measure when caring for your baby. The sound and light indicating feature will also let you know if there are any changes in the room thus making it easy for you to react quickly even without being at home.


5. Using the air quality monitor


The air quality monitor will be of great benefit to you especially when caring for your baby. It is used for monitoring things such as temperature, humidity and even oxygen levels in the baby’s room thus making it easy for you to know whether your baby is in a healthy environment or not. This will make it possible for you to quickly react and make necessary changes if you find that there are any problems with the air quality levels. You can also use this feature to differentiate between colds and other illnesses that may affect your child when they are sleeping.


6. Using the talk back feature


The talk back feature can be used as an added security especially when caring for your baby in a room at night. It is also good for calming and soothing a baby. You can use this feature any time of the day but it is usually used by parents who have babies that are teething or have just taken long naps. This will help them to sleep peacefully and soothe them while they are sleeping. The sound may however not be loud enough to disturb your baby if they are already asleep as it will only get louder as you increase the volume on the app or monitor.


7. Using the sound sensitivity setting


The sound sensitivity setting will allow you to set a threshold volume that will make it possible for you to differentiate between real sounds from false ones so that you can ignore them and focus on more important activities like work. You may also use this feature when you are using the talk back feature as it will only respond to sounds that are louder than the volume threshold.


8. Using the two-way communication


The two-way communication feature will allow you to talk and interact with your baby. The parents of a baby that is just a few days old can use this feature in case they need to check on their sleeping baby or provide them some simple comfort and reassurance at night when it is still quiet in their room. You can also use this feature with other caregivers such as your partner, nanny or caregiver if you have one.


9. Using the night vision feature


The night vision feature is usually used when you are watching over a sleeping baby. This will allow you to see any signs of changes in the room such as temperature, humidity and sound levels without disturbing your sleeping baby. This is especially useful if there is no electricity or current in their room hence making them vulnerable to power outages that can make their lives difficult.

You can use this feature instead of turning on an overhead light which can also be dangerous for your baby especially if they are small and need extra illumination for their eyes when they wake up in the dark.


10. Using the motion detection feature


The motion detection feature will start recording when anything unusual happens in your child’s room especially when you are not home. It can therefore be useful if your baby is sick or has diarrhea and you want to monitor their condition at night. You can then check on them in the morning after they wake up and use the recorded images to check on the situation. You may also use this feature even when you are breastfeeding or sleeping with your baby as it will record any movement and alert you should something happen in their room.

How To Use a Eufy Baby Monitor – Final Thoughts


In conclusion, learning how to use a Eufy baby monitor truly depends on your purpose for using it. There are a variety of different cameras and products available on the market today, each having its own benefits and drawbacks.

If you are just looking for an extra security system to boost the safety of your baby then you may use the free camera app with your smartphone (if you have one) to make sure that you are always monitoring your baby while they sleep.

If however, you have other people in mind who should also be able to monitor them as well, then another product may be a good fit for them given that it has two-way communication or a separate monitor for other people in mind.

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