Which Arlo Camera Do I Have? (2023 Ultimate Guide!)

Which Arlo Camera Do I Have

When you’re trying to figure out which Arlo camera you have, there are lots of different things to consider. Do you have the Arlo Q? The Arlo Pro? Or something else entirely? This guide will walk you through the different models available and help you figure out which one you have so you can use it to its full potential.

In this guide, we’ll help you determine the right model and find out exactly which one you have. Let’s get started!

Arlo Camera is a company that makes security cameras. They have a wide variety of products, from basic cameras to advanced ones that can record and stream video throughout your home or office. Arlo camera has a third-generation camera. It has a 1080p resolution and is capable of recording at 30 frames per second.

The camera is designed to be mounted on a wall, so it can only be moved by the user.

This product is a camera for your home or office, but it’s an intercom system. The camera itself has two-way audio so you can talk to whoever is looking at the camera and vice versa. You can speak directly into the camera or use it to listen in on other people talking, whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

Arlo cameras are all pretty similar they’re all battery operated and waterproof (IP65 rated), they all have a 720p HD resolution that’s great for streaming video over Wi-Fi or mobile devices, and they all have motion detection capabilities that can trigger an alert if someone steps onto private property without permission.

Arlo Indoor Cameras

As you’re shopping for an Arlo camera, it can be helpful to know which camera is best suited for the space where you plan to use the camera. There are three indoor cameras available on the market: the Arlo Q, the Arlo Pro, and the Arlo Baby. Here’s a brief rundown of what each of these cameras has to offer.

Arlo Q – The newest addition to our lineup, this 1080p HD camera has motion and sound detection with customizable settings so you can tailor your system to your home’s needs. It includes free cloud storage and advanced features like Person Detection, so you don’t have to worry about false alerts from pets or blowing leaves.

Arlo Pro – This top-selling camera offers robust security without sacrificing peace of mind. With 720p resolution and night vision capabilities, it’s great for monitoring high-traffic areas indoors or outdoors around the clock. Plus, with up to 5-10 days of battery life per charge, you’ll never have to worry about charging cables again.

Arlo Essential – All Arlo cameras are compatible with all Arlo accessories including the Arlo essential camera. It has night vision, an infrared light sensor, and a microphone with noise-reduction technology.

You can use the app to view live video on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world, even if you don’t have cell service or Wi-Fi available.

Arlo Outdoor Cameras

First, you need to know what your needs are. If you’re looking for an outdoor camera, then the Wire-Free or 2 Wire-Free Cameras will work best for you.

The former is for people who don’t need to monitor their home or business from afar and the latter is ideal for those who want to see what’s happening in their home from anywhere via WiFi. If that isn’t the case, then there are other options:

  • The Arlo Q is perfect for indoor monitoring.
  • The Arlo Pro 2 is a versatile camera that can be used indoors and outdoors, but it requires a power source like solar panels or a battery pack.
  • The Arlo Go has its cellular modem, so it doesn’t need any wiring at all! It works well as both an indoor and outdoor camera.

Arlo offers two systems specifically designed for businesses. The Professional System has multiple cameras that wirelessly connect, while the Business System allows users to connect up to 20 cameras wirelessly with a wired connection point or use wired connections alone if needed.

Arlo Solar Powered Cameras

Arlo Pro – is the most powerful and reliable solar-powered security camera on the market. It has 1080p video, night vision, two-way audio, and a 130-degree field of view. Plus, it’s weatherproof so you can use it in any climate.

Arlo Pro 2 – is the next generation of solar-powered security cameras from NETGEAR with upgraded features like brighter 1080p video and improved night vision. The 130-degree field of view provides a clear view of your surroundings from anywhere in its range (up to 180 ft).

It has two-way audio and motion detection but no live view or HD video recording capabilities. The battery life is rated at 10 hours with a continuous recording time of up to 24 hours per charge (depending on your settings).

Arlo Pro 3 – takes everything you loved about Arlo Pro 2 and improves upon it with better resolution at 4K, enhanced night vision up to 25ft, and 130 degrees viewing angle. You’ll get automatic alerts when motion or sound is detected by your camera.

You can add as many as 16 cameras for your home or business. They work together seamlessly to provide seamless outdoor/indoor coverage, advanced cloud storage, and real-time monitoring. Add Arlos to help keep an eye on all of your property with ultimate peace of mind!

Which Arlo Camera Do I Have? Conclusion

If you’re looking for a solution to your business’s security needs, then you can’t go wrong with an Arlo Security Camera System. And the question becomes, which Arlo camera do I have?

It may seem overwhelming at first, but we’re here to make it easy. Just refer to our 2023 comprehensive guide and we’ll tell you which device is best suited for your needs and situation. Plus, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to install and configure your new camera system so that it fits seamlessly into your environment and day-to-day life!

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