Why Does My Alexa Have A Green Ring? (Problem Solved!)

Why Does My Alexa Have A Green Ring

You must be wondering what a solid green ring on your Alexa means. It can be strange to see a steady green light on your Alexa device. These smart speakers will usually show flashing and swirling lights to tell you that something is going on. Blinking and spinning green lights will let you know you have a call. Read on to learn what these indicator lights mean and what you need to do about them.


LED lights are Alexa’s way of calling your attention. These lights have different colors that indicate different situations. A flashing green light means you have an incoming call. It starts to spin while you are on a call. The light eventually goes out when the call ends. But a solid green ring can mean something serious for the device.


Mystery of the Solid Green Ring On Your Alexa Device

But sometimes, the situation goes haywire, and the light doesn’t turn off. It remains a steady green light, and the device doesn’t respond. A frustrated customer asked the question on the Amazon Forums. Why does my Alexa have a green ring?


The Amazon Staff was quick to respond to the situation. She gave descriptions of two instances Alexa’s green light indicates. She also gave practical suggestions to deal with unwanted circumstances with the devices.


However, the solid green ring was quite strange. The Amazon Staff did not know what the steady green light on the device meant. She even suggested having the item brought in for a check-up. What could Alexa’s steady green light possibly mean?


One user reported getting this troublesome situation after moving her device to a different location. The other just received his item out of the box and plugged it into a USB port. They both had a blinking blue light on the device that eventually turned steady green.


What Green Lights Mean For Alexa

There is no reason to fuzz about Alexa flashing green lights on your communication device. It simply means you have an incoming call. You can choose to accept or deny the call.


Alexa will also tell you who is calling you. Tell Alexa to answer the call if you wish to take the incoming call. Else, say “Hang up” to dismiss the call. The green light starts spinning when you answer the call.


A spinning green light on your Alexa device indicates that you are on an active call. It keeps spinning while you are on the line and turns off when you end the call.


Alexa can be so sensitive to your voice. Sometimes, it could mistakenly initiate a call or Drop-in. You may want to check your voice history if this happens. You could also adjust the settings on your device to turn off these unwanted notifications.


Solving the Green Light Alexa Mystery

Steady green lights on your Alexa device seem troublesome. The techies are talking about it on Reddit. Someone started a conversation about the solid green ring. Amazon’s Echo support team does not know what it means.


The solid green ring on an Amazon Echo device is a unique situation. Even Alexa does not know about it. The technical support staff had to look into developer notes to figure it out. When an Echo device lights up a steady green light, it indicates a lower power. It is best to plug the device into the wall and not a USB port on a computer.


Alexa could use quite a bit of power to function on your device. If the machine doesn’t get enough power, it may not be able to connect with other devices in the network. A good power source needs to deliver the proper voltage to set Alexa in motion.


Computers can usually deliver only up to 5 watts. Most USB ports and cables carry even lesser than that. Alexa devices like the Echo may need up to 9 watts of power supply. Although, some users didn’t have any problems powering up the device with a computer. They suggest plugging it into a USB 3.0 port.


Conclusion and Recommendation

There is no doubt how frustrating it can be to see a steady green light on your Alexa device, and it refuses to function. You would want to know what is wrong with the machine. Why is this happening?


Fortunately, it’s not a dead-serious matter. It is not a factory defect of some sort. Alexa is just not getting enough energy to do its work. The power source isn’t able to supply enough power to it. Alexa needs enough energy to communicate effectively.


Green lights are valuable signals from Alexa. It lets you know that you need to take action. These lights are truly essential. Learn what these lights are to understand Alexa. LED lights are Alexa’s communication tools.


Look at the list below. It shows you what Alexa’s colorful LED lights mean.


  • Flashing Yellow – you have new notifications
  • Flashing Blue – the device is starting up or processing a request
  • Solid Red – the speaker’s microphone has been muted.
  • Spinning Orange – set up mode or connect to the Internet
  • Flashing Green – you have an incoming call
  • Flashing Purple – DO NOT DISTURB mode enabled


LED lights are necessary components of your smart speaker. It helps you determine the status of your device. It lets you know when Alexa wants to tell you something. It is good to note what these indicator lights mean. You can adjust the device settings if the flashing lights get bothersome.


Green and Yellow are the lights most likely to flash from your Alexa device. You can turn off notifications on the devices to keep them flickering frequently. However, it will light up and continue to blink if the device encounters a problem, such as the solid green ring.

Why Does My Alexa have a Green Ring? Final Thoughts!

Why does your Alexa have a green ring? Technical support representatives may have scrambled to find the answer, but the story of the solid green ring is no mystery. It simply means low power for your device. Make sure to plug it into a compatible power source.

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