Why Does My Alexa Have a Red Ring? (5 Ways You Can Fix It!)

Why Does My Alexa Have A Red Ring

Sometimes, technology can be really dumbfounding. Like when you have a new phone but you don’t know how to take a picture or turn the music on, or when you get yourself a new laptop but you don’t know how to browse on its internet browser. One of the most apparent reasons why people get gadgets or technological devices is to make their lives easier. And one of the most helpful innovations that people have come to know is Alexa.

If you’re not familiar with Alexa, Amazon Alexa or simply Alexa is an Artificial Intelligence, voice-based virtual assistant bought by Amazon in 2013. Alexa can answer basic questions and do various tasks that its owner gives. However, no matter how flawless a thing or an invention may seem, there are still faults that will eventually show as time passes. Alexa is not an exception.

A good example of an issue that Alexa owners encounter every once in a while is the red ring around the device. When you encounter this, you’ll ask – Why does my Alexa have a red ring?

A red ring on your Alexa normally means that it won’t accept any commands from you because your Alexa microphone is muted or turned off. This shouldn’t be a major issue and you can resolve it almost immediately by pressing the microphone button on. However, if you’re using an Amazon Echo Show, a red ring could also mean that the camera isn’t connected properly or there are issues with the connection.


How To Fix A Red Ring On My Alexa? 5 Ways To Fix It!

Addressing this issue is easy but would depend on which type of device that you have. There are numerous Alexa-enabled devices available in the market so you have to identify which one you have first. Generally, there are numerous ways you can try to fix a red ring issue.

1. Turn on your Alexa microphone

This is the most basic way to fix the problem. Since a red ring on an Alexa device usually means that the microphone is turned off, you only need to turn it back on so Alexa could hear your commands once again.

Normally, your device’s microphone button is located at the top. You can immediately see it and press it easily. However, if the button isn’t where it is supposed to be located, you can check on the other sides. You’ll easily identify it because it has a microphone icon on it.

2. Restart Your Alexa Device

Before you start something a little bit more complex, you should try restarting your device first. You can do this by unplugging Alexa from its power supply. After reconnecting the device, you can try giving it a simple command or asking a simple question to see if the problem was fixed.

3. Reset Your Device

Now, if the earlier fixes didn’t solve the issue, you shouldn’t worry just yet. There are still other ways to address the issue. This time, try factory resetting your device. This might be a doubting task for you but this could probably solve your red ring problem so you might as well give this a shot.

Now, depending on what device you have, you can factory reset your Alexa-enabled device by doing the Alexa factory reset procedure that came with your device or by using the Amazon Alexa app. If you go through the reset process via the Amazon Alexa app and you followed the procedure properly, your device should show an orange light signal. This indicates that it has accepted the reset command and is now resetting its system.

4. Update Your Device

If turning on the microphone or resetting the device doesn’t work, maybe updating it will. Fixing the issue should be easy, however, sometimes it requires a trial and error process.

Update your device by going to the Amazon Alexa app and navigating through the Settings section where you’ll find the Device Option. Click the About option and choose the updated software version.


5. Fix Your WiFi Connection

Sometimes, all it needs is a refresh for it to work properly again. If the other methods don’t work, perhaps it’s time for you to consider other factors such as a poor internet connection.

Poor internet connectivity could also prevent Alexa from hearing your commands properly, thus exhibiting a red ring. Just fix your WiFi connection and reconnect Alexa and everything should be OK.


Alexa Light Colors and Their Meanings

Your Alexa device would show different light signals every once in a while so it’s wise to know what these colors mean. That way, you won’t worry too much if you encounter them in the future.

  • A slow yellow burst means that Alexa received a notification that you may or may not have missed.
  • A red means that the microphone is turned off or the camera’s connection is faulty.
  • A slow spinning cyan indicates that the device is starting up.
  • A cyan on blue means that your Alexa is listening to you or is ready to listen to your commands or questions.
  • Orange means that Alexa is on a setup mode or is trying to establish a connection to your WIFi or internet.
  • A green pulse means that there is an incoming call.
  • A purple indicates a Do Not Disturb state.
  • White means Alexa Guard is on and in Away Mode.


These light signals are your device’s way of letting you know which mode or status it is currently in. Try familiarizing these light signals so you can understand your Alexa device more. If you encounter a light signal and you don’t know what it means, you can simply ask Alexa and it will tell you right away. Of course, as long as the light signal is not Red.

Why Does My Alexa Have a Red Ring? Conclusion!

Having an Alexa device that keeps on showing a red ring could be alarming. The answer is pretty simple. Your microphone is turned off or your camera isn’t connected properly.

You can fix this by pressing the microphone button on your device or by following the tips laid out for you above. If those still don’t work, you can reach Alexa’s customer support and they’ll tell you exactly what you need to do. On a positive note, fixing this issue is relatively easy and should not reach a point where you need to contact a customer service representative.

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