Why does my Alexa keep cutting out? (Let’s fix it!)

why does my alexa keep cutting out

You can use smart speakers to set timers and alarms and play music throughout your house. However, this can be a nuisance when the song begins to fade out-because of this, finding a solution is critical. If you tried many attempts to fix it and still question, “Why does my Alexa keep cutting out?” Here are the possible reasons and solutions for you.

Your Alexa-enabled Echo speaker may stop working for a variety of reasons. Insufficient power, wireless interference, network difficulties, and software issues can be fixed by rebooting your phone.

5 Ways to Stop Your Alexa From Cutting Out

1. Restart Your Alexa

Starting with the simplest solution is an excellent place to begin. But unfortunately, electronic devices are regularly plagued by bugs and software faults. However, most of these problems can be solved by simply restarting the computer. So we went back to the drawing board and kept using my Echo.


Turn off your WiFi router and unplug your Echo speaker. The next step is to disable WiFi and Bluetooth on your phone and the audio source. Wait a few seconds when you’re ready to switch everything back on. As a result of this step, your Echo device, router, and other system components will all be restarted.


2. Your Alexa should be repositioned and that should improve the WIFI signal.

Your audio source device and echo device are connected via your home WiFi network. For music streaming, it may not be able to connect to the internet or your phone if it doesn’t have a strong WiFi connection. would cut off the audio

if data packets were transmitted too slowly to the speaker, causing buffering.


When I noticed that my Echo device wasn’t getting a solid signal, I moved the Echo unit to a different location. The bundle includes my WiFi Extender, which I used to boost the WiFi signal from my router. A WiFi problem should be solved by following these instructions. When it came to my issue, I looked into a few more possible solutions.

3. Adjust the WiFi frequency

Echo devices can receive dual-band WiFi transmissions. It supports both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. Most of your devices, including smartphones and PCs, use the 2.4 GHz band to connect to your WiFi network. Your devices all use dual-band WiFi if you haven’t heard of it.


There is a problem with connectivity if too many devices use the same frequency band. Interference is caused, for example, by Bluetooth, which makes use of the same frequency band. Alexa may continue chopping audio and interrupting songs if there is signal interference. As a result, the 5 GHz spectrum is the band of choice.


With only a few taps and clicks, you can quickly connect your phone or computer to the 5GHz band. You can, however, use these methods to change the WiFi network on your Echo device.


  • Select the menu option in the upper-left corner of the Alexa app’s home screen. The menu icon is composed of three parallel horizontal lines.


  • From the new menu on the left, select Settings.


  • Make sure to choose your Echo speaker from the list of devices.


  • The WiFi network will be shown in the Wireless section of the speaker settings. To switch to the WiFi network, tap on it.


  • Tap the Continue button on the Echo setup screen.


  • Wait for your Echo device to display an orange light. Holding down the dot button on the Echo device will put you in setup mode if that doesn’t happen immediately.


  • To proceed, press the Continue button on the app.


  • Connecting your mobile device to the Echo over WiFi is now time.


  • Use the WiFi settings on your phone to join the network that shows there. It doesn’t matter how many Echo devices you have in your house; the app will tell you precisely what the network name is.


  • A checkmark should be visible on the Alexa app’s status page. Afterward, press the “Continue” option.


  • Finally, input the password for the 5GHz WiFi network. Then, click Connect at the bottom of the screen.


  • Once your Echo has joined the 5GHz network, give it a few minutes to connect. The app informs you that your Echo is online when it’s done. After that, continue with the setup process.

4. Make use of a wired connection.

Most think you need to connect Spotify to the Alexa app to stream music over WiFi. A friend of mine with a Deezer subscription tried it versus Spotify and it’s not so fantastic. You must connect Deezer to Alexa by downloading the Alexa app and completing the setup process. Then, it allows them to be the DJ by pairing their phone with Alexa and allowing them to be the DJ.

On the other hand, WiFi is a superior wireless technology that is less susceptible to interference. Unfortunately, Alexa keeps disconnecting from me because of this issue. Using a wired connection is recommended in this situation. Using an AUX cord to connect your phone to the speaker will ensure a lag- and interference-free connection with your Alexa speaker if it supports Line-in functionality.

5. You Should Reset Your Alexa

Although you might have repaired the Bluetooth issue after trying all of the previous methods, Alexa would still periodically cut out. However, I solved the problem once I tried resetting the device. Although resetting the Echo erases all settings and setups, we can use it to resolve software issues.

Here are the steps you need to do to reset your Alexa:

  • First, hold down the action button on the Echo for roughly 10 seconds.


  • When you first turn on the Echo, Alexa tells you that it is in setup mode.


  • Hold the button down until Alexa asks you to reset the device. Then, continue to hold down the button.


  • It’s now time for you to let go and wait for the Echo device to reboot itself. After that, you’ll need to reset and reconfigure the device.



There is a good chance one of the solutions described above will work for you. However, a speed test and contact with your internet service provider may be necessary if that doesn’t work. We genuinely hope that this article helped you with your Alexa that keeps cutting out.

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