Why Does My Ecobee Keep Going Offline? (3 Main Reasons Why!)

Why Does My Ecobee Keep Going Offline

If you’ve recently acquired an Ecobee, you might have run into some setup problems. For instance, your Ecobee thermostat could possibly disconnect from Wi-Fi, give false temperature readings, and shut down suddenly.

However, one of the most frustrating issues is when your Ecobee keeps going offline and you are unable to change adjust the temperature anymore.

So, you may ask yourself, “Why does my ecobee keep going offline?” We reveal the 3 main reasons why it does and how to address the issue!

The 3 main reasons why an Ecobee will go offline is due to an unstable internet connection, a Wi-Fi router not within the ecobee’s range or your Ecobee is powering down on it’s own so that it doesn’t overheat and damage itself.

It’s worth noting that the Ecobee stops connecting to Wi-Fi immediately after optimization. However, it can still be used as a regular thermostat after disconnecting from the wireless connection. Similarly, when the internet signal is restored, your Ecobee thermostat should be able to detect the signal and reconnect automatically.

3 Most Common Reasons Why Your Ecobee Keeps Going Offline

Let’s explore the most common reasons why your thermostat keep going offline:

1. You Have an Unstable Internet Connection

If your internet connection is unstable, then there is a high possibility that your Ecobee thermostat will be greatly affected. For instance, your internet may be enduring a slow period, which may arise when the temperatures are extremely high.

High temperatures can prompt the internet connection to slow on account of the heat, triggering the jacket on the broadband cables to widen and soften.

Hence, you should always be conscious not to expose your Wi-Fi router to extreme weather when at home or the workplace.

For internet connections that use the antenna, exposing them to cold weather could affect them negatively, especially when things such as snow are left to build up on the antenna. Since this can be quite challenging to escape in some areas, it’s advisable to wipe off snow from the antenna regularly to avoid accumulation in between snowfalls.

This problem can be further resolved by resetting your connection. At times, your connection has challenges, and disconnecting the router for 30 seconds and connecting it back can be all that is needed to get it working effectively.

However, there is no assurance that it’s going to work since there are some instances where the problem relies on your internet service provider. The most appropriate action, in that case, is to inform them that the connection is poor and wait for them to address it. This may aid in speeding up things as they may not have the knowledge of the depth of the problem.

2. Your Ecobee is Too Far Away From Your Wi-Fi Router

This is an all prevalent common challenge with your Wi-Fi-powered devices, where they receive poor-quality internet connection as a result of not being close to the Wi-Fi router.

If the Wi-Fi router is beyond the reach of the Ecobee thermostat or within the range but not closer enough for a strong, consistent connection, then the Ecobee will keep going offline.

Also, the range can be negatively impacted if there are several obstacles on its way. For example, the various obstructions that the Wi-Fi router’s signal has to pass through, such as walls, ceilings, and floors, before reaching your Ecobee thermostat, can significantly weaken the signal.

Furthermore, the presence of metals on those surfaces, including copper, will further weaken the signal. Where possible, place your Ecobee closer to your Wi-Fi router to strengthen your connection.

Suppose it’s impossible to reposition your thermostat closer to the router. In that case, there are no short of options available to you, with the most apparent one being acquiring a Wi-Fi extender device.

This device is typically positioned at the central point between the appliance you’re seeking to bolster the connection and the Wi-Fi router. Subsequently, you can decide to connect the Ecobee thermostat to the extender with an Ethernet cord (where necessary) or connect it directly to the Wi-Fi router.

3. Your Ecobee is Powering Down To Avoid Overheating

In some cases, your Ecobee thermostat may shut down on its own, normally so as to avoid being damaged.

For example, when the temperatures are too high, the Ecobee thermostat may start to overheat, which may make the thermostat not only become less dependable but also shorten its entire lifespan.

Always ensure that your thermostat is housed in a climate-regulated room in order to avoid damages that can result from extreme weather, including overheating, which has the implication of reducing its efficiency and overall lifespan. Or else, you could find yourself replacing it earlier than expected.

2 Things You Can Do if Your Ecobee Fails to Connect to The Internet

If your Ecobee’s thermostat has an irregular connection to the internet or if it has blatantly failed to connect to the internet, then there are several measures you should contemplate taking.

1. Reset Your Ecobee Thermostat

This may be a consequential measure to take, but if you are still not getting your thermostat back online, then this might prove to be the most effective way to address it.

To launch a factory reset, locate the Home screen and click Menu. Choose settings and click the Reset button. Here, you will discover several options. Reset All Settings is undoubtedly the most appropriate measure to take in order to ensure the bedeviling issues are addressed.

Reset Contractor Info, Reset Registration HVAC Equipment Settings, and Reset Preferences and Schedule are some of the other options you that can select. Immediately, the default settings are restored, all the changes that had been previously made will be lost, compelling you to set up everything from scratch.

2. Reach Out to Ecobee Customer Support

If a flaw is identified with your Ecobee thermostat, you will have it fixed or replaced without incurring any expenses, provided the warranty is still valid. While most device manufacturers offer a one-year warranty, Ecobee provides a three-year warranty and beyond.

In addition, the warranty will only be applicable if the problem is not caused by the user. However, you can opt for a prolonged warranty, which may stretch the length and coverage of the warranty.

Why Does My Ecobee Keep Going Offline? Conclusion

If you’ve been wondering “Why my Ecobee keep going offline,” I hope this post adequately answers your question. In addition, we have also addressed the potential remedies to this problem.

If the problem persists, it’s recommended to contact Ecobee customer support to have your device diagnosed by professionals to unearth possible causes of internet failure. It’s also worth noting that the connection problem could result from other things besides poor quality internet, powering down the Ecobee thermostat, and farness from the Wi-Fi router.

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