Why Does My Ecobee Keep Restarting? (5 Main Reasons Why!)

Why Does My Ecobee Keep Restarting

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does my ecobee keep restarting?” If so, we reveal the 5 main reasons why it does and how to fix it!

If you have an ecobee, you might have noticed that your thermostat keeps restarting. If so, the answer to why this happens and how to fix it might be simpler than you think.

Ecobee uses a technology called “motion detect” to pinpoint motion within its room and ensure people are home while their air conditioning is on. This can cause the unit to run on a continuous loop because it thinks there is always activity in the room, even when no one is around. It’s also possible that ecobee is restarting because of a problem with the power going to that particular thermostat.

In this article, we’ll cover how to fix both issues.

5 Main Reasons Why Your Ecobee Keeps Restarting

Below are the 5 main causes for your Ecobee thermostat’s restarting:

1. Motion detected

The motion detect feature is set too sensitive and is causing the thermostat to restart because it thinks there is always movement in the room. To fix this, slide the motion detect bar from left to right until you reach minimum sensitivity. You can also disable it completely by sliding the bar to the left, where it’s shown as a circle with an x in it.

2. Power outage

If there is a power outage, ecobee will automatically restart the next time it is turned on. After the power goes out, ecobee will try to detect the power once it comes back on again. It will automatically restart if it does not detect the current power running to your thermostat.

This can be annoying when you have just spent time setting up your schedule, and then you have to do it again. To fix this, make sure you have plugged your thermostat into a working outlet. If you are running wire for a new outlet at home, make sure that all of the wires are connected correctly and the breaker switch.

3. Ecobee not being picked up by your wifi router

When you view your ecobee on the app, and it does not show up, there may be a problem with your wireless network or another connected device. There might also be covered by another wireless network in the area instead of yours. To fix this, ensure that the wifi router you are using is set to pick up a new connection every time it turns on.

4. Not enough power to your thermostat

The thermostat’s internal battery might need to be recharged or replaced if it has been used for an extended period without being plugged in. Make sure that the thermostat is plugged in for a few hours at least once a week to make sure that the charge doesn’t get too low. If it still shows a low battery, you might have to replace it completely.

5. Your thermostat is being set up for the first time

If your ecobee is being set up for the first time, you might be experiencing issues with restarting. The thermostat has not been tested before it was shipped, and if there are any bugs with it, they can cause problems during setup. You can check with ecobee support if this is the cause of your problem or if there is an update available for your thermostat.

How to Stop Ecobee Thermostats from Restarting

1. Make sure the Ecobee is given its own power source

If you have an electrician, then select their service. However, if you are installing a thermostat yourself, make sure that your circuit breaker for that room is shut off and that the thermostat is connected via an electrical cord from a working outlet.

If you are not sure if your circuit breaker is on or off, there should be a light on the switch in front of it as well as a light in the box where you would plug it into.

2. Motion sensitivity

The motion sensitivity of your Ecobee thermostat might be set too high, causing it to restart. First, ensure that you have a clear view of the thermostat from where you stand. If possible, tilt the thermostat down and away from any objects that might cast shadows on it.

After that, you can try to slide the motion detect slider left or right until there is no more shadow on the screen. Anytime you want to reset the sensitivity level back to automatic, slide it so that it says off at the left end of the slider bar.

3. Wifi connection

If your thermostat is not connected to wifi, it can’t communicate with your phone or through the internet. To fix this, ensure your wifi service is working properly and that the thermostat can connect to the network. If you are using wifi and it is not establishing a connection, still contact ecobee and have them help you troubleshoot the unit.

4. Power outlet

If you had an electrical outage in your house, then power might have been disrupted to your new Ecobee thermostat. Try plugging it in and ensuring that it has a clear line of sight to the wall outlet where you are plugging it in. If you have not installed your thermostat yet, try plugging it straight into the outlet instead of through a wire, and then try moving it again.

5. Ecobee app

If the app does not detect your existing Ecobee, try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. If that doesn’t work, you should go to the app store and ensure that you have the newest update installed. In the end, if your wireless network still is not detected by your thermostat, contact ecobee and have them help you troubleshoot the unit.

6. Low battery

If your thermostat still keeps restarting, then the battery might be drained and needs to be replaced. You can replace it yourself by doing the steps below:

– Inspect your thermostat

You can take apart your Ecobee thermostat by removing the plastic cover on the backside of the thermostat. It has four screws on each side that you need to remove so that you can insert a screwdriver into those holes and open up the cover for both front and back surfaces.

Why Does My Ecobee Keep Restarting? Conclusion

If none of the tips above have worked for you and your Ecobee keeps restarting, then it might be time to contact ecobee support. If you are still unable to get it working for you, you might want to consider a new thermostat.

However, if you are having issues with the motion detection or if the Wifi connection is not working and none of the troubleshooting above has helped, then sometimes there is an issue with your thermostat, and you will need a replacement unit.

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