Why Does My Ecobee Say Calibrating? (2 Main Reasons Why!)

Why Does My Ecobee Say Calibrating

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does my Ecobee say calibrating” We will reveal why the two main reasons why it does and how to fix it!

Ecobee, since introducing the world’s first programmable thermostat, the ecobee API has managed to revolutionize the capabilities of a thermostat. For an enhanced customer experience, modern digital thermostats are constructed using the most modern sensor systems to date.

However, since it is also an evolving its technologies, you may find minor issues with your ecobee from time to time, such as unexpected calibrations.

The software program loaded in Ecobee is designed to calibrate automatically the first time it is launched or when the device restarts; this process typically takes five up to 20 minutes. Therefore, the “Calibrating” sign on the display of your Ecobee thermostat shows that it is currently assessing the present internal temperature.

Now, if these calibrations are somehow not helpful to you and you’re wondering if it is possible to troubleshoot the issue on your own, the answer is yes. Don’t worry, because we’ll answer all your queries about ecobee’s functions and calibrations in the most comprehensive way possible.

Ecobee Main Functions and Why it Calibrates Sometimes

The ecobee thermostats enable intelligent, advanced capabilities for regulating temperature depending on their capacity to detect whether a unit is inhabited, the weather, and the host’s management habits. If you prefer not to concentrate on the advanced functionality, it also supports a timetable for climate control.

To make it easier to understand, whenever you go out, you may leverage inputs from the other systems, including security systems or property maintenance processes, to automatically turn off an ecobee controller. This strategy utilizes numerous technologies to prevent a unit from squandering energy by heating or cooling an empty unit.

2 Main Reasons Why Your Ecobee Says Calibrating

The Ecobee thermostat needs to be calibrated so that it can provide an appropriate readout of the ambient temperature from inside your home or place of business. The Ecobee is able to assess temperature, moisture, and even the number of people in a space thanks to the detectors that are incorporated right into the device.

In most cases, calibration takes place immediately following the setup process and each time your gadget is restarted. According to what is displayed on the display of thermometer, the heating and air conditioning functions will be deactivated at the current time.

Ultimately, you should normally encounter calibration problems during two situations: (1) after installation and (2) after rebooting.

1. After Setup Ecobee Calibration

In the beginning, Ecobee requires approximately half an hour to be installed or set up. Then, immediately following the setup, you will typically notice the message “Heating and Cooling Disabled,” and you’re going to wait anywhere from five to twenty minutes for such activity to be finished. It is totally normal.

It should also be very obvious from the notice that you won’t be allowed to use either the heater or the cooling system during this period of time. If the indicator on the thermostat still states that it’s still calibrating even after the given duration, there may be an issue with the connections.

It is recommended that you first try disconnecting the device out from the base plate and afterward inspect the wires once the thermostat has been removed.

Check to see that each of the wires is linked to the appropriate terminal. When you have any reason to suspect that the wiring may be flawed in some way, it is a must to contact an electrician and request that they examine the circuitry in concern.

2. After Ecobee Reboots Calibration

Whenever you reset the Ecobee, it will also go through the calibration process. The following is a list of the potential explanations for why the Ecobee reconnects:

  • There must currently be a problem with the electricity in your location.
  • An updated version of the Ecobee’s programming.
  • The heater had reached an unsafe temperature.
  • There is a buildup of water inside of your air conditioning unit.
  • There is a problem with the wires in your device.

Suppose the electricity went off in your household for any situation. In that case, all you must do is allow it to return back on, and the Ecobee will immediately reboot itself to the correct temperature setting. It is possible that the calibration will require more than 20 minutes because of an upgrade to the software.

On the other hand, it won’t go on for more than an hour at any point. In that case, you might need to consider contacting Ecobee Support and describe the problem you’re having.

What to Do if the Calibration Takes Too Long to Finish?

In a fair scenario, the Ecobee synchronizes itself for up to 20 minutes. That ought to be the very maximum amount of time it takes. If you continue to see the notice after a quarter of the hour has gone, it is most likely due to a mistake. When this occurs, you should attempt to reset the thermostat. It is as simple as unplugging it from the wall, waiting around five minutes, and then plugging it again.

It’s possible that restarting the computer will fix the issue. Just after the restart, watch for the calibrating to begin, and then after the duration, inspect to see if it has finished. One further solution to this problem is to unplug both modem as well as the router for some minutes and then reconnect it after the power break.

What to Do When Ecobee Calibration is Inaccurate?

The house’s temperature should eventually wind up being measured quite accurately as a direct consequence of the calibration procedure you just went through. It is acceptable for there to have very tiny difference, however, if the degree is not even close to what it should be, this indicates that the calibrating was unsuccessful.

Thankfully, you can make manual adjustments to the current temperature. To find a solution to the problem, adhere to the steps that are listed below.

  • Navigate to the settings located on the display of your Ecobee.
  • Out from the “Settings” option, pick “Installation settings” to make your adjustments.
  • Then navigate to ‘Thresholds’ and pick ‘Temperature Adjustment’ from the drop-down menu there.
  • You have the ability to set the thermometer to whatever you see appropriate.

How to Fix Your Ecobee When it Keeps Restarting

If you believe that the Ecobee restarts itself more often than it ought to, there might be a problem with either the device or the HVAC in your home. You might need to examine whether the screen on the heater needs to be replaced or whether the drainage pan on the air conditioner needs to be cleaned.

If somehow the problems are more critical than the ones that need mending any wiring or concerns with the caps, you must call a professional to find out exactly how to deal with it properly. This is particularly important if the issues involve issues with circuitry.

Why Does My Ecobee Say Calibrating? Final Thoughts

If you’re still wondering, “why does my ecobee say calibrating?” even after reading the provided information, it is likely that it is a more serious problem.

As aforementioned, there are only two possible reasons for this issue, and if your situation doesn’t match any of those options, then you might need to consult an electrician or the customer service department of the manufacturer itself as you could possibly have a defective product.

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