Why Does My Eufy Keep Going in Circles? (3 Simple Fixes!)

Why Does My Eufy Keep Going In Circles

A robotic vacuum is an ambitious and exciting purchase. Everyone wants a house cleaner that’s easier to maintain than a dog (what do they even do all day?).

You paid around $199 and threw the vacuum in the corner of your living room, realizing that cleaning is never going to be easier.

Yet, for some reason, it just ends up going in circles. The purpose of this article is to provide insight into why this may be happening, what to do about it, and how you can avoid future frustration with your robotic floor cleaner.

Why Does My Eufy Keep Going in Circles

Why does my Eufy keep going in circles? If your Eufy goes in circles, it may be because of one of two things. The first is that the battery is low or dead, which can happen if you don’t charge it for a few days or if it just needs to be charged again. The second reason is that the Eufy has gotten stuck on something-like a small piece of paper or a toy-and can’t move past it.

If this happens, try moving the obstacle out of the way and see if the Eufy will continue on its merry way.


Understand the Behavior of Eufy

If you’ve ever used a Roomba vacuum cleaner, you know what a delight it is to come home from a long day of work and let the little robot do its thing. Roombas are designed to clean your house, explore on their own, and then return to their docking station when they need a charge.

In fact, in certain models, its sensors can actually tell when your furniture will be in its way as it cleans so that it maneuvers around them instead of moving them or crashing into them. It’s like having your very own robotic butler-except replace “butler” with “robot” and “butling” with “vacuuming.”


The Eufy Robovac 11 is an affordable alternative to the higher-priced Roombas that works similarly by navigating around obstacles on its own. It has various sensors that help it map out where everything is and maneuver around furniture while still keeping the area clean.

However, these same sensors may cause it to get stuck in one of several loops or circles (one large circle or several small ones), especially near corners or along walls. This behavior can be extremely frustrating if you have not been warned about it before using the device for the first time. Here are some things you can do if this happens:


Check the Boundaries

The Eufy Robovac 11s is an affordable, lightweight robot vacuum that’s capable of picking up debris on most surfaces. It won’t replace the need for a traditional vacuum cleaner, but it offers an appealing combination of features and convenience at a competitive price.
If you’re confused by the erratic movements that keep your new vacuum from cleaning in straight lines, the manufacturers may help you figure out what may be causing the trouble.


Check the USB Power Cable

If you’ve been using an Eufy robot vacuum cleaner but are now wondering why it continues to make laps around the same spot, resetting the device may be a simple solution. The main culprit for this behavior is a USB cable that has lost its connection to charge or power the vacuum.

To address this issue and make sure your Eufy robot is operating properly again, try unplugging the cable from both ends and then reconnecting it.


The best way to ensure that the USB cable will stay connected is to remove any strain or stress from it. This can be achieved by making sure it’s not bent or damaged in any way, and if there are no obstructions present.

If you notice the cord has kinks in it after unfolding it out of storage, you should consider replacing the cord with a new one. Check that you have plugged your Eufy into an electrical outlet as well; if your wall doesn’t have power, your device won’t be able to run correctly.


With these easy fixes for broken connections addressed, check back on your little cleaning buddy shortly after plugging everything back in. It should start moving again within minutes!

Reset the Machine

If your Eufy robot vacuum is going in circles and won’t stop, it’s possible that the machine is stuck. It might have gotten confused and be unable to move itself out of this state.


To fix the problem, you should remove the battery from the machine and then press the reset button on top of the device. If you don’t hear a welcome message when you turn it back on, then repeat this process until you do.

If it’s still not working after you’ve tried this a few times, contact customer support for further instructions. They’re happy to help!


If your Eufy Goes in Circles, You Can Fix it Through Troubleshooting the Machine

If your Eufy vacuum cleaner is moving in an endless circle, it’s not just being a jerk-it’s actually performing a healthy self-check. The machine will travel around for about 10 minutes before returning to its starting point.

Now that you understand this process and how it helps to keep your Eufy working properly, here are the steps to troubleshooting:


As soon as you notice the circling, hit the reset button on the back of the unit. This should pause the robot until you’re ready to continue cleaning.

Next, check to make sure that there aren’t any objects blocking its path; either move any furniture or other items out of its way or simply move them into another room entirely. The machine can’t get anywhere if it can’t even fit through a door!


If you’ve already checked for obstacles and reset the device, there may be some kind of issue with your power supply. Double check all of your cords and plugs just in case something isn’t connected properly or has malfunctioned.

If everything looks good but nothing is changing, call experts for further advice or service on your Eufy vacuum cleaner: they’re always happy to help!


Final Words

Why does my Eufy keep going in circles? The Eufy is designed to move in straight lines. If wheel moves in a circle, the sensor will think it is moving right when it is really moving left.

To fix this problem, just follow the information provided in this guide so the wheel is not able to turn anymore and you are good to go. Hopefully this works for you as well!

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