Why Does My Firestick Keep Going to Screensaver? (6 Main Reasons Why!)

Why Does My Firestick Keep Going To Screensaver

Why Does My Firestick Keep Going to Screensaver? (6 Main Reasons Why!)

The Firestick has been a wonderful addition to home entertainment and it has made our lives much easier. But sometimes, your Firestick might act up and drive you crazy with when it glitches. Your Firestick might even start going to the screensaver all of a sudden which might make you ask the question of, “Why does my firestick keep going to screensaver?”

In this article, I will tell you why your Firestick keeps going to screensaver and how to fix it!

Why Does My Firestick Keep Going to Screensaver?

When your Firestick goes to screen saver every now and then, there are many possible reasons behind it. Here is a list of them:

  • Firmware Issue
  • Sleep Timer is enabled
  • Your remote is faulty
  • Hardware issue

6 Main Reasons Why Your Firestick Keeps Going to Screensaver

1. Insufficient Power

Check your power cord. The Amazon Fire Stick uses Micro-USB, which is a smaller connector than the typical USB port. If you have an older device, you might want to check its compatibility with the power cord you’re using. You can also look at the connection where it plugs into the Fire Stick to see if it’s loose or if something is blocking the connection.

Use a different HDMI cable. Some cables are designed for specific kinds of applications, such as audio or video transfer, and they often have different designations on them such as “AV” or “A/V.” These cables are not necessarily incompatible with a device like the Amazon Fire Stick (or any other HDMI device), but using them could cause issues with streaming that could be resolved by switching to another type of cable.

2. Amazon Firestick is Incompatible with your TV

If you have an older TV with a single HDMI input, you may be unknowingly using an HDMI splitter that is incompatible with the Firestick. HDMI splitters are small devices that are used to connect multiple HDMI devices to a single HDMI port on a TV.

The Firestick has been found not to work with certain splitter models. The most widely reported issues have been related to the following brands: Monoprice and Mediabridge. If your problem persists even after following all of the troubleshooting steps outlined above, try removing your splitter and replacing it with another brand.

You can also consider upgrading your TV if possible to avoid this issue altogether in the future! So what else could be causing problems?

3. Corrupted Software

If you have a Firestick that was working perfectly just a few weeks ago and has now started to have screen saver issues, you may be dealing with corrupted software. Corrupted software can cause all kinds of problems for your Firestick, including:

  • The device freezes up during use
  • The device locks up during use
  • The device goes into screen saver mode when you are using it

Here is how to fix corrupted software on your Amazon Firestick: The first thing you will want to do is disconnect all cables from your TV. Next, unplug the power cord from your TV. Now, connect all cables back into their original ports on your TV and plug in your power cord.

Turn on your TV and try to watch something on it. If everything works fine then most likely the problem was caused by a faulty cable connection or bad cable itself (you’ll need to check each cable individually).The above steps should fix any problems with corrupted software on an Amazon Firestick.

4. Screensaver Timer is Set Too Short

The screensaver on your Firestick kicks in when the device isn’t used for a certain amount of time. This is designed to save battery life and prevent burn-in, which happens when an image stays on the screen for so long that it etches itself into the display.

To fix this issue, adjust your screensaver timer:

  • From the home screen, select Settings > Display & Sounds > Screensaver
  • There you can choose between a variety of different screensavers or turn off your screensaver completely by selecting None from the menu.

5. Firestick is not Updated to the Latest Version

The next thing you can try is to update your device. It is always recommended that you update your device to the latest version. To update your Firestick, go to Settings > My Fire TV > About and check for any available updates. You may have to restart or reset your device if an update is available.

Make sure that the Firestick is compatible with the TV. A lot of users unknowingly use outdated hardware with the new hardware, which causes problems like this one. Therefore, it’s important that you make sure that both parts are compatible with each other before using them together.

6. Browser Hijacker on TV

A browser hijacker is a type of malware. The word “hijack” means to take over. A malicious hijacker can take over your Amazon Fire TV Stick and redirect you to sites automatically, making it tough for you to surf the web.

If you have a browser hijacker on your device, it will likely make your Firestick slow and give you pop-up ads and malware warnings. Browser hijackers are also known to record private data like your passwords, credit card numbers, and banking information while they’re in control of your device.

This means that if you have a browser hijacker on one of your devices, it is likely that the other devices are infected as well! This also means that any backups of your personal files could be compromised by the virus.


Why does my Firestick keep going to screensaver? In this article, we have covered the 6 main reasons why your Firestick might keep going back to screensaver, as well as some troubleshooting steps you can take to deal with the issue. It’s important to try some of these troubleshooting tips so that you can use your Firestick again, because it’s a great device for streaming content.

The Firestick is one of my favorite devices, and I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to use yours again too! I hope this article helped give you some insight into what could be causing your Firestick from going back to screensaver.

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