Why Does My Firestick Keep Optimizing? (10 Main Reasons Why!)

why does my firestick keep optimizing

Why Does My Firestick Keep Optimizing?


A Firestick can help you watch TV, play games, and even browse the web with ease. It comes with all the features that we need in our devices like streaming, gaming apps and many others. But what happens if your device keeps optimizing itself? You’re not alone; this is a very common issue among firestick users. Which is why it’s important to understand how this problem occurs so that you can prevent it from happening again.

So, you may wonder, “Why does my firestick keep optimizing?” we know the top 10 reasons why!

A firestick will keep optimizing if there is a slow internet connection, highly quality settings, high CPU usage, fewer and fewer apps, process of optimization runs in the background, video optimization, sleep mode, using a safe browser while watching videos, memory leak or there are too many apps running in the background.


10 Main Reasons Why Your Firestick Keeps Optimizing


First of all, let’s understand that what exactly optimization means. It’s a process which is performed by TV to show the best quality picture possible. In short tv shows are broken into several segments and then the CPU will show them at different intervals so that you don’t see any blank screen. This process is called as QUANTIZATION.

Some of the top 10 reasons include:


1. Slow internet connection


This is the most common reason for optimizing your tv. If you are not getting enough bandwidth on the internet then your Firestick will show less of the videos you are looking to watch.


2. High Quality Settings


If you are watching HD or 4K videos on your Firestick, then your device will show these videos at best possible quality in order to improve its performance. It is not recommended to use 4K videos from Amazon because it is trying to optimize the video itself, instead you should be watching HD videos on Netflix and other media apps.


3. High CPU Usage


If your device is using more than 50% CPU then the device will show less and less of video. In this case, you might think that your device is overheating. But in fact your Firestick is following its optimization process in order to improve the quality of video and this can’t be seen as a problem with overheating.


4. Fewer and fewer apps


This is one of the main reason for optimizing your device. If you are not using your Firestick then it will optimize itself to reduce CPU workload and reduce overheating. This is one of the most annoying things about firestick, but there is a very easy way to prevent this issue from occurring again and again.


5. The process of optimization runs in the background


This is one of the hidden reasons for your Firestick to optimize itself. Most of the users don’t know about this fact, but it is seen as a normal occurrence by Amazon. Because most of the Firestick apps are not doing anything in background and if it is not doing any work then it will be optimized and shut down. So, you should use your Firestick app very carefully and stop them from running in background. It is very difficult to understand all these processes at once, so it is recommend you to start with steps 1-3 only and see how the problem gets fixed.


6. Video optimization


This problem is not seen by everyone, but it is equally annoying. We usually watch videos on the Firestick and sometimes we just forget to attach subtitles or subtitles go missing. This problem occurs because the Firestick is trying to optimize the video so that it can show better quality video.


7. Sleep mode


This happens if your device goes into sleep mode for a longer time or continuously for a long time your device will try to optimize itself in order to keep it working properly and performing at its best. But in this case, it is important to check if the device is going into sleep mode or not by using FireStarter. This app will show you all the performance scores of your device and whenever it goes into sleep mode before optimizing in that specific time frame.


8. Use a safe browser while watching videos


This problem also occurs when we are using YouTube or other streaming apps on our Firestick. Many people do not use http secure websites (which is used for https connections) which can corrupt your Firestick and cause many other issues. So, it is very important to use a safe browser like Firefox or Google Chrome which does not have any security issues on those websites.


9. Memory Leak


This is another problem which occurs because of updates. Sometimes, updates are available for newer versions of Firestick. We download them and install it on our device and sometimes we forget to uninstall it properly after installing the new update. This usually creates a memory leak which causes device to optimize itself more frequently. So, be very careful in this case because updating can cause many other issues as well.


10. Too many apps running in background


If you are using third party apps on your Firestick then most of these apps run in the background without permission or your knowledge. So, it’s better to remove all the apps which you don’t use on your device.


How to Fix Your Firestick Optimizing Issue


1. Download FireStarter from Google Play Store


This app does not only show you all the device’s information and performance scores but also it will clear the memory of any high performing apps which are running in background. And it will automatically start optimizing your device to fix these issues. You can download this app for free from here.


2. Disable Background Apps on Firestick


If you are updating your Firestick then firstly uninstall all the apps from App. Then, go to Settings > Apps > Manage Applications > All and disable any third party apps which you don’t use very often or have no need for them (such as YouTube, etc).


3. Check settings on your Firestick


Go to Settings; Display Settings and turn off the ‘Display Sleep’ option. This will save your device from going into sleep mode while you are using any of your favorite apps.


4. Disable TV optimization settings on Firestick


It is very easy to disable the optimization process on Firestick, but it can be quite annoying for some people. If you want to disable this setting then go to Settings > Display settings > Advanced display settings and turn off; Enable auto-optimization if content appears frozen’ option by unchecking it.


5. Remove Memory Leaks from your Firestick


Sometimes, memory leaks can be one of the main reasons of optimization. So, you should use this easy trick in order to remove any kind of memory leaks.


Go to Settings; Display Settings; Advanced Display Settings; Clear Media Cache and Clear Open Netflix Cache. This will clear your device’s internal memory and cache which is used by third party media apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. After that just restart your device and check if the problem still occurs or not.

Why Doe My Firestick Keep Optimizing? Final Thoughts!

The question “Why does my firestick keep optimizing?” Can be caused by many reasons like you’re using too many apps on your device, you are watching videos in certain apps on your firestick and it can be caused by some other reasons as well.

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