Why Does My Firestick Keep Pausing? (13 Main Reasons Why!)

why does my firestick keep pausing

Why Does My Firestick Keep Pausing?


Firestick is a streaming device for content on your TV and sometimes it will start to freeze or pause in the middle of what you are watching. This can be frustrating when you are just trying to watch a show and things just won’t start.

Firesticks have been known to be sensitive when they are turned off or on. Sometimes the device will freeze or pause, depending how the firestick is turned on.

You may even ask yourself, “Why does my firestick keep pausing?” We know the 13 main reasons why!

A firestick will keep pausing if it is streaming unsupported content, streaming wrong files on device, poor internet connection, device not being connected on TV, software issues, memory is full, media is not supported, frequent updating, too many apps running at the same time, device need to be updated or replaced, improperly handling the device, overheating or a bad cable connection.


13 Main Reasons Why Your Firestick Keeps Pausing?


1. Streaming unsupported content


When you are streaming content that is not supported by your firestick there will be breaks in the video. This means that the file cannot be played properly and it will have issues playing your videos. This can be fixed with a plugin.


2. Streaming wrong file on device to TV


This can also cause pauses in your video playback when your firestick is attached to your tv. Sometimes you may want to use the default app, but a better option will be to change the setting in settings on your device to play the content that you want. You can also set up software that allow you or the app make changes in preferences on your firestick so that you don’t have problems with pausing and freezing.


3. Poor internet connection


If you have poor internet connection issues then your film or video will pause or stop when you are streaming content, this is because the file cannot be played and video cannot be seen. The only way to fix this is by having better download speeds.


4. The device has not connected with your TV


If your firestick is not connected to your TV then the content that you are trying to watch will pause and freeze, so this can be very bothersome when it is happening frequently. Sometimes the device just needs a reboot for it to work properly again. In some cases, however, you may have a bad unit of Firestick and need a replacement or refund.


5. Software issue


If you have changed a setting of the software or app then there may be conflicts with your firestick. This can cause your content to pause and stop at any time. There may not be a way to fix this once it happens, but you can change the settings on the device so that it works properly again.


6. Memory full error message on Firestick


This will give you an error message if you have deleted some of the content on your device or if there is too many updates that need to be installed. Try downloading fewer apps and making updates less often on your firestick. You will have more storage space this way and won’t run into these problems so often.


7. Media is not supported


If you are watching content and it pauses or freezes, then this can happen if the firestick is not a media device and it is not supported. You will need to check with your TV service as to what file you can stream and see if they have anything that they recommend.

Since they control what data is on their servers, most time they will recommend an older version of the file which may be a better match for your device.

Also make sure that you have a good data connection when using streaming content, if it does not have enough space for the video then your firestick will run into problems playing it back again.


8. Frequent updating


Your device will be updated more often and the more often it is updated, the more unstable the device will become. The software may be too unstable and glitchy to work properly. You can always turn off updates if you don’t want them. This will save space on your device and keep it from freezing and pausing frequently.


9. Too many apps are running


If you have too many apps running in the background then the device may not be able to play video content or you may run into an error message or the video will pause. Try turning off your device, closing out of all of the apps and make sure to check for outdated software updates that can cause these issues.


10. Device may need an upgrade or replacement


If you continue to run into issues with pausing and freezing when using your Firestick, then you will need to contact customer service so they can help you figure out what is going on. They will more than likely replace the device or give you a refund on the product.


11. Improper handling of device


Sometimes people have a tendency to just throw things around when they are frustrated with something that they have or one of their kids is using it. This can cause issues on your firestick when you throw it, because it is a delicate piece of equipment that needs to be handled with care to work properly and prevent any problems from happening.


12. Overheating


It is important to keep your firestick from getting too hot. This can be very difficult if you have a tablet or another device that is plugged in all of the time. The tablet will overheat and start to freeze because it will be working too hard to keep up, this can also drain your battery quickly.

Your firestick can be kept from overheating by not keeping it plugged in all of the time, stay away from heat vents and the temperature needs to be monitored if you want it to last for several years.

A good way to monitor the temperature on your device is by opening a window and checking with a thermometer as well as looking at your device as well.


13. Bad cable connection


If your cable is bad or something happened to it when you were moving the device, then you will run into issues with playback on your firestick. Sometimes putting things away in a box or keeping them in a drawer can cause damage and this will cause problems when you try to play your devices again.

It is also possible that you burned out the cord on the plug by using it too much, in which case you would need to replace it for it to work properly again.

Why Does My Firestick Keep Pausing? Final Thoughts

In conclusion, to answer your question of “Why does my firestick keep pausing?” this can be caused by many different things. This article has listed some of the most common reasons why your firestick may be pausing and freezing. If you want to fix these issues then you will need to figure out what the cause is and contact customer service if a replacement or refund is needed.

You can opt for a different brand of streaming device as well if you prefer, but trouble can still be caused by an internet connection that does not have enough speed or is too old for the device to work properly with it.

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