Why Does My Ring Doorbell Keep Ringing? (How To Fix It)

Why Does My Ring Doorbell Keep Ringing

The Ring Doorbell is becoming popular in today’s age because it helps to create your dream smart home. With today’s latest technologies, you will find different ways to protect yourself and your home, something that you can depend on.

The Ring Doorbell is easy to use by simply installing it and connecting it to your Wi-Fi, download the Ring App and you’re ready to go!

Ring Doorbell is equipped with an HD camera, Two-way audio, Motion Detection, and access to your mobile phones. These features will make you view if there’s a visitor, not just like that but you can also speak to them. It has also night vision so it’s not hard to see who’s on the door at night.

But as they say, no matter how dependable and convenient it is, you will still face some issues with it that dictate that there are no such things as perfect. It can still fail you and give you a headache from time to time or worst, all the time.

And the one common problem or complaint received from the Ring doorbell owners is that it keeps on ringing.

If your Ring doorbell keeps on ringing, it may have a problem with its system. You may be also facing some Wi-Fi issues or internal wiring problems that cause your Ring doorbell to give frequent alerts and false alarms. Below are more causes on why your Ring doorbell keeps on ringing.

Possible Causes Why Your Ring Doorbell Keeps On Ringing

Frequent ringing can make you feel irritated and it’s the most common complaint received from ring owners. To be able to deal with the issue, being aware of the possible causes will help you to fix the problem.

One of the possible causes, why the Ring doorbell keeps ringing, is because of its motion detection feature. The Ring doorbell frequently scans the area around it and it might detect high irrelevant activity such as the people passing by or a traffic jam.

With its sensitivity, no wonder that it gives frequent alerts on the owner’s mobile phone.

If the user has a Ring app on the mobile phone and it is set to alert the owner frequently, it will definitely keep on ringing. But don’t worry, because it can be adjusted with the time the owner wants to receive the alerts and that can make the Ring doorbell less active.

Try to check the Ring doorbell and maybe the reason why it keeps on ringing is it is stuck due to dirt and debris or has a wiring problem on it.

It’s not common to happen but if you have checked the system, you’ve already adjusted the settings, and have done some basic troubleshooting then the ring doorbell itself might be having a problem. There are other possible causes as well like low battery level or electronic interference.

How to Fix Your Ring Doorbell

You don’t need to fret because you can do a manual fixing on your Ring doorbell to get rid of the frequent ringing. Don’t attempt to do some internal fixing if you are not a professional skilled technician instead there are several things you can do even if you are not one.


You can upgrade the transformer of your Ring doorbell. Most Ring doorbell relies on 16 voltages to 24 voltages and if your transformer has low voltage, it is one of the possible cause why your Ring doorbell rings frequently.


Restarting your Ring doorbell will also help to fix the frequent ringing. Maybe due to excess use of it, it got stuck on a loop and now gives you false alerts. You can either restart it on its main power switch or simply restart it on your Ring App.


Making a habit of inspecting the cable and internal wiring of your Ring doorbell will help you to avoid your doorbell from continuously ringing.

Fraying wires, thinning insulation, or even fully exposed won’t really create problems but to be sure, thorough checking from time to time is a big help to avoid problems with your Ring doorbell.


Make sure that your Ring doorbell is always clean. Dirt can make it stuck and that will lead to frequent head throbbing ringing. And to avoid that to happen, let’s make cleaning a habit.


Why Does My Ring Doorbell Keep Ringing – Final Thoughts

Ring Doorbell is a very convenient way to keep track of who’s visiting your house due to its features like the camera and the two-way audio that will help you to communicate with the person that visits you.

Your Ring doorbell will be sending alerts on your mobile phone so it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have the Ring app installed. If ever you miss the time it rings, you could actually check the history to see what’s been detected on your Ring doorbell.


If you have a Ring doorbell at your home and you’re getting frequent alerts or it won’t stop ringing to the point that you are asking yourself, “why does my Ring doorbell keep ringing?” then maybe one of the reasons is the way you have set up the app’s settings to a very active mode and you probably forgot to do some adjustments.

You could actually change it into something that could prevent you from receiving continuous rings.


However, if after you have done all the troubleshooting and all the manual fixing that you can do and still, your Ring doorbell keeps on ringing, the best solution is to reach out to the store where you have bought it and maybe they can do something about it such as changing the product or they could seek more professional help for it.


Every problem that occurred while using the Ring doorbell differs from household to household. If the one you have at home has some issues, the brand itself is not the problem but only the product you have purchased.

That’s why it’s important to always do thorough research and have yourself aware of the possibilities to happen and how to deal with them.

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