Why Does My Ring Say No Video Found? (3 Main Reasons Why It Does!)

why does my ring say no video found

Have you had someone come over to your house only to get an alert saying from your Ring doorbell saying, “No Video Found” when there should have been a video alert that lets you about your guests arrival! So, you may ask, “Why does my ring say no video found?”


A relevant portion of our lives is spent staying at home and resting. For homeowners who often have visitors come over, parcel deliveries, and go out on trips, installing the Ring app is one way they can add an extra layer of protection to their home.

It serves to control and manage doorbells, cameras, and home security systems-if any, without needing you to monitor your doorstep all day.


However, although it gives you alerts if someone is at your doorstep, there are instances when it encounters errors. The most common would be “no video found’ message when viewing your doorstep through your camera using a phone or tablet.


In this case, the possible reasons for your ring saying “no video found’ might be the bad wi-fi connection, no Ring Protect subscription plan, and Ring hardware failures. However, you should not worry as you can easily fix these by yourself without much hassle.

You can solve the “no video found’ problem by repositioning your wi-fi router, updating your Ring app, replacing your camera, and contacting Ring’s customer service.


Why Does My Ring Say No Video Found? 3 Main Reasons Why!

Although encountering this kind of error might be intimidating for a homeowner who is not fully familiar with navigating the Ring app, the causes of the “no video found’ message could be simpler than you expect.

In this section, you will find three of the most common reasons why you are encountering this problem.


1. Poor Wi-Fi Connection

The way to connect the camera to your Ring app is through your wi-fi connection. Since the camera is most commonly placed outside of your house, specifically near your doorstep, your wi-fi range may not reach it as strong as if it was inside.

Since it is farther away, it will have a harder time transmitting the video signal to your application so it gives the message of “no video found’.


Wi-fi jamming could also be a cause of this problem. Unlike poor wifi connection, wifi jamming could be a sign of a more serious security risk as a jamming device could be the reason for Ring’s “no video found’.


There could be two reasons why wi-fi jamming causes your Ring app to not detect a video: first, there is simply a wi-fi network problem in your area; and second, someone is intentionally jamming your signal to lose your outside camera view.

The latter is more dangerous because burglars could be the ones intercepting your signal to gain access to your home without you noticing.


2. Ring hardware failures

Another common cause of the “no video found’ is because the actual Ring camera has been damaged. This cause is common for Ring application cameras that are placed outside the house without roofing as the device is more exposed to different weathers.

If the camera does not detect any video, it could be that the electrical wiring in the camera is already loose, the screen or actual device has been damaged, or the ball mount is unsecured.


3. No Ring Protect subscription plan

A Ring protection plan will let a homeowner see and review real-time and past videos through the application. If you do not subscribe to this kind of plan, you will not be able to check past video recordings, and real-time motion detection will drastically reduce its accuracy.

The absence of the Ring Protect subscription can cause the “no video found’ because of the lower quality footage that the Ring app receives.


4 Best Ways to Fix The Ring App’s “No Video Found’ Problem

You do not have to spend so much to solve this issue, as you only need several steps to go through. You can check the proposed solutions below to see which one will work for you.


1. Reposition Wi-fi Router

If you know that the problem with your “no video found’ is your weak wi-fi signal, then the best thing to do is reposition your router closer to the Ring camera. You can also buy a wi-fi extender if you do not want to relocate your router.

An extender will widen the range but not affect the speed of your wi-fi signal.


After repositioning, you should restart your Ring app and a wi-fi router. After a few minutes, you can expect to see your camera detecting motion again.


2. Update your Ring application

Since the Ring is a digital application, it has seasonal updates to fix bugs and glitches. A way to fix the “video found’ message is by updating the Ring application to its latest version.

If you have an older version along with an outdated camera, the transmission of video recordings might not be effective because of the differences in built-in settings. You can simply check your device’s application store to check if Ring has new updates.


3. Replace Ring camera

Unlike the Ring application, your camera does not always need constant updating, but it needs replacing once in a while. Since your camera is turned on 24/7 with little to no cleaning, chances are its quality degrades after some time.
You can go to a CCTV specialty store and ask for supervision in buying a new camera that is up to date and compatible with Ring and its wifi connection.


4. Contact Customer Service

The best and most convenient way to solve your Ring’s “no video found’ is by contacting their customer service. You can talk to them through their hotline or email, and tell them your concern so that they can address it faster.

According to their website, they offer 24/7 customer service, so you can contact them when it is convenient for you.


Why Does My Ring Say No Video Found – Conclusion

The Ring app is a way to make you be at home without physically being at home. If you do not address issues related to its camera or subscription such as the “no video found’ problem, you are increasing the risk of your and your home’s safety.

There are ways of knowing and solving Ring’s connection problem, and you do not have to spend so much on fixing it.


If you ever find yourself asking “why does my ring say no video found?”, you can find the causes from your wifi connection, Ring subscription, and camera.

But you do not have to worry as you can solve the problem by replacing your camera, updating your device, changing the proximity of your wi-fi router, and contacting customer service.

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