Why Does My Roomba Keep Saying Empty The Bin? (Top 9 Reasons Why!)

Why Does My Roomba Keep Saying Empty The Bin

Why Does My Roomba Keep Saying Empty The Bin?


Roomba have been something of a novelty for some time now. They have been in the public eye for a very long time. It is useful for taking care of things that we would just otherwise be too busy for. However, it is not perfect. Many users have been having problems with it.

The robotic vacuum Roomba works reasonably well, but that does not mean there aren’t issues you might run into. Just like other vacuum cleaners you will find this one has problems with keeping its charge and its bin emptied.

Your Roomba might even be giving you a constant alert saying to empty the bin! You might ask yourself, “Why does my Roomba keep saying to empty the bin?” We know the 9 main reasons why!

A Roomba will alert you to empty the bin if it has not been charged long enough, the battery is not taking enough charge, the bin is being blocked by an object, there is a problem with the navigation, the battery has gone flat, it is overheating, the brush is stuck or worn out or because there is something obstructing the intake port.


9 Top Reasons Why Your Roomba Keeps Saying to Empty the Bin


1. It has not been charged long enough


If you keep your Roomba running continuously, this is one of the most likely problems that you are going to face. Roomba robots are made for short cleaning periods so that the battery does not overheat and cause some issues.

When it does run out of charge, their hard drive is designed to shut down. It will give an error message telling you to charge your device before use. If you have recently used it without charging it back up again and then turned it on, this is why it keeps saying empty the bin.


2. The battery is not taking enough charge


The other reason you are likely to be kept saying empty the bin is because your Roomba’s battery is not being charged properly. If your Roomba has been running continuously, it will just stop working.


Always ensure that the charger is plugged in and that the power outlet and cable are switched on before you run your Roomba. The most common cause of non-charging of a Roomba is an unplugged charger or power cord from an outlet.

Another reason could be if the charging port on your device is dirty or damaged. To keep your Roomba charging for as long as possible, clean the charging port with some cotton and try it again.


3. The bin is being blocked by an object


If your Roomba has been running for a while and you have not emptied the bin, then it might have picked up something that is big enough to block it. Blocked bins are one of the causes of Roomba saying empty the bin.


There are times when you forget to clean up after you have done your meal preparation or if your home has some other trash lying around that might be blocking it.

Check its bin every once in a while before it starts to give error messages and try unblocking the bin before you clean out the Roomba itself with a brush if possible.


4. There is a problem with the navigation system


If you are running a Roomba in an area with obstacles, it will automatically get around them. However, if there are too many obstacles or it cannot get past them, it will eventually just stop working. Sometimes this is because of a fault in the system.

Newer models have come out with a mop attachment to help clean your floors while they are working. If they still say the same thing after you have changed the battery, then you may have a faulty navigation system and need to call customer service for further help; however, try any of these fixes first.

5. The batteries have gone flat


If your Roomba is refusing to work and keeps saying empty the bin, then the batteries have probably gone flat. If you run it for a while on low charge, you are likely to lose all its power and be forced to buy new ones.

This can be a problem if you want to be able to take care of more areas of your home. Having the spare battery will ensure that you can keep going as long as possible and not need to change the batteries all the time.


6. It is overheating


If your Roomba keeps saying empty the bin, it could be because it is overheating. Roomba models have a long time limit to clean one area due to the risk of over heating. It will first start out by slowing down and then its power will eventually turn off.

If you see this happening to your Roomba, you should make it stop and wait a while before trying again or swapping out its battery for another one. If you are worried that your Roomba may overheat, then make sure you do not leave it on for long periods of time without stopping it.


7. The brush is stuck


If you are having trouble unblocking your Roomba, try moving the brush below it and to the left or right. The brushes that go up and down will also tend to be stuck at times so that they cannot move. If this is happening, try turning it around or trying another room to see if it has moved.

Another reason you might keep getting the error message “empty the bin” is because the brush roller has become jammed.


You should be able to see if there is a problem by checking if it blocks anything and then carefully removing it from between the rollers with a slight twisting motion. If you are having trouble getting the brushes in, there is a chance that the brush rollers will be stuck.

Try running your Roomba on low power and then turning it off when you finish to check the brushes. If they will not come out, then it means you need to replace your Roomba.


8. The brush is worn out


Another reason for your Roomba to keep telling you to empty the bin is because the brushes are wearing down over time. If this happens, then your Roomba will start to lose its ability to move around freely as well as be unable to get into tight spots effectively.


This could be as simple as dust getting stuck on the side of the brush or it could be from a clogged filter that is causing it to move slowly. Either way, you should replace your brushes regularly. If you clean your Roomba regularly by using its brush, then this problem will not occur as often.


9. There is something obstructing the intake port


If your Roomba has been running for a while for no reason at all, then try moving the dirt bin to see if there is something obstructing it that may have been blocking since an earlier cleaning session.

A lot of times this can simply be something getting caught in the brush because you are having trouble cleaning out its bin.

Why Does My Roomba Keep Saying Empty The Bin? Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, the answer to the question “Why does my Roomba keep saying empty the bin?” It is more than likely because you have a blocked bin and this can be fixed.

One quick tip we have for you is to make sure to unplug your Roomba if it is plugged in too close to something else or in a precarious position so that it will not get stuck.


Other than that, most of the issues are usually easily fixed once you have isolated and identified the problem. We hope one of our 9 years helped your solved your Roomba “Empty the bin” problem!

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