Why Does My Roomba Light Up at Night? (Top 8 Reasons Why!)

why does my roomba light up at night

Why Does My Roomba Light Up at Night?

A Roomba is a highly convenient robot vacuum cleaner that automatically cleans your floor while you are away from home. What’s not to like? Roomba has many great features like: spinning side brushes, cliff sensors, and auto-recharge option.

However, like with any great technology. It might run into some issues from time to time. One of those issues is your Roomba might light up at night randomly and you might not be sure why.

Is your Roomba lighting up at night randomly? and are you wondering, “Why does my Roomba light up at night?” We know the 8 main reasons why!

A Roomba may light up at night if there is a wrongly set clock, the scheduling is wrong, the time zone is wrong, Alexa triggers your Roomba, the memory is corrupt, the charging sensors are dirty, there is accumulating dust and because it’s software needs to be updated.

Top 8 Reasons Why Your Roomba Lights Up at Night

1. Wrongly Set Clock


This one is a very common problem with Roombas and other robotic vacuums. You might have set your Roomba to clean on a certain date and time but it keeps on cleaning the same area of the house or room even though there is no one in the house.

If your Roomba has been cleaning constantly but can’t find anyone in the area, you must set its clock to sync up with the current date and time to know when your Roomba should stop cleaning.


2. Wrong Scheduling


This is another common reason why does my Roomba light up at night. If your Roomba keeps on running through the house, it is because you have scheduled a cleaning date and time that is in the future. To set your Roomba for the current date and time, follow these steps:


First, press and hold your Roomba’s Select Spot button until it beeps three times. Next, press and hold the Clean button for about three seconds until it starts to beep once every second. The third step is to let go of both buttons simultaneously.


3. Wrong Time Zone


This is another common problem created by mankind. Roombas are battery operated vacuums and will only be able to run if it has enough battery power.

If you have a Roomba that keeps on running even though you have left the house, it might be because the Roomba is in a different time zone than your current location. To set the time zone, follow these steps:

First, press and hold your Roomba’s Select Spot button until it beeps three times.

Second, press and hold the Clean button for about three seconds until it starts to beep once every second.

The third step is to let go of both buttons simultaneously.

Lastly, press and hold the Select Spot button for about five seconds until you hear a single beep. Now release the Select Spot button but continue holding the Clean button for another five seconds and you will hear another beep. Finally, let go of both buttons simultaneously.

4. Alexa Triggers Your Roomba to Turn On


Alexa is a smart device that lets users perform various tasks ranging from offering weather forecasts to playing music and answering questions. The reason why does my Roomba light up at night is because Alexa has been misused by users.

These are some of the things that you can do to prevent Alexa from triggering your Roomba:

Avoid talking to Alexa near your Roomba. This will avoid Alexa’s lasers from activating your Roomba resulting in a continuous cleaning cycle. You can also cover the Roomba’s sensors with tape as an extra precautionary measure against Alexa activating your robot vacuum cleaners.


5. Corrupt Memory


If your Roomba keeps on running for an extended period of time, this might be the reason why. A Roomba keeps track of its progress through a memory function that is stored in its internal memory.

If this memory is corrupted, your Roomba will lose track of where it came from and where it needs to go next.


If you suspect that this is the reason why your Roomba cannot stop cleaning, power down the device and reboot it. This should reset its memory function back to normal.


6. Dirty Charging Sensors


Your Roomba will be able to detect when it is charging and if it does not receive a signal from the charger, then it will keep on running until it runs out of batteries. This is a great feature that allows Roombas to recharge themselves without anyone being home.

However, these sensors are very sensitive to dust, battery fluid and other debris that may accumulate around the charging station in your home. If you want the best results while cleaning your floor, make sure that your Roomba’s charging sensors are always kept clean.


7. Accumulating Dust


When you first buy your Roomba, it will be working very well, but once one or two weeks have passed and you have not cleaned the sensors or the charging station, your Roomba may start having problems. This is especially true if your house is a dusty place.

The dust can cause your Roomba to malfunction since it will get in contact with other parts of the device and dirty them.


If dust has accumulated in your Roomba’s charging station or anywhere else in your home, take the time to clean it up as soon as possible. You do not want dust ruining all that hard work that you put into getting a Roomba for yourself!


8. Software Needs Updating


If you are using a Roomba that was released before 2012, it might actually be due for a software update. When new Roomba products come out, they need to make some changes to the previous models.

This is so that all Roombas will be working according to one standard as opposed to having two or three different standards being used throughout the robots. The result is better performance and better customer satisfaction around the world.

So if you have an older Roomba model, try updating its firmware today!

Why Does My Roomba Light Up at Night? Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the answer to the question “Why does my Roomba light up at night?” has multiple answers! It is caused by many different reasons as shown above. The solution is to try out our recommended 8 methods to both diagnose and help prevent it from happening again in the future.

Always remember to take care of your home and gadgets – including your Roomba and it will help take care of you!

Try out all of the possible reasons until you figure out the real reason, if any, why your Roomba lights up at night, so that it will run at full power and start cleaning normally again! Then it will be a lot easier to enjoy your robotic vacuum cleaner while things are getting clean while you rest after a hard days work!

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