Why is My Ecobee Not Cooling to Set Temperature? (7 Main Reasons Why!)

Why Is My Ecobee Not Cooling To Set Temperature

Ecobee is a leading smart thermostat that helps families around the world save energy and have even been proven to lower your utility bills by up to 26%. It works by using motion sensors and the HVAC system’s exhaust fan, but it can also be paired with other compatible products to make your smart home even smarter.

Ecobee uses room sensors that detect the temperature in a room, and it adjusts to heat or cooling levels according to the temperature of the room. It uses geofencing technology to monitor if you’re home or not. Ecobee is a smart thermostat that can be used for homes, apartments, office spaces, hotels, and more.

However, every now and then, you might notice that your Ecobee is not cooling to the set temperature that you assigned it to. That can be very frustrating and make you wonder, “Why is my Ecobee not cooling to set temperature?” We will the top 7 reasons why and how to fix it!

7 Main Reasons Why Your Ecobee is Not Cooling to Set Temperature

Below are some of the 7 most common reasons why your ecobee is not cooling to the set temperature:

1. The thermostat is not programmed to the temperature you set it to.

The thermostat might not be programmed to the temperature you set it to. So, when you set the thermostat to a certain temperature, the system will expect that temperature, and it won’t cool below or warm above that set temperature.

2. The thermostat has shut itself off due to overheating.

If you find that your ecobee is working fine in most parts of your house but not in some rooms, there’s a possibility that the thermostat is shutting itself off due to overheating and the sensor is blocked or too close to an external source of heat. In this case, make sure your room is well ventilated and don’t leave any electronics within 1 foot (0.3 meters) of the thermostat.

3. The air filter is either clogged or dirty.

The air filter in your system helps to maintain the temperature and also prevents dirt and dust particles from entering your system, which can cause overheating. If the air filter is too dirty or clogged, it can block the sensor, which leads to overheating and automatically turning off your heating or cooling system until the temperature returns to normal.

4. The humidity is too high in the room, and the thermostat cannot sense the temperature.

You can check if the problem is due to humidity by turning off your system for a few minutes and then turning it back on. When you turn it on, take note of how long it takes for your system to return to normal.

If your air starts blowing warm air right away, there’s a possibility that there’s too much moisture in the room which is preventing your ecobee from sensing the temperature correctly.

To resolve this problem, use a dehumidifier to bring down the level of humidity in your home or replace your filter regularly.

5. There’s an internal fault with your thermostat.

Your ecobee thermostat might have a fault. If your thermostat is working fine except for some rooms, you can check if there are any fault codes on its display. If the thermostat has a problem and it fails to respond to the heating or cooling mode commands, it might be an internal fault and needs immediate servicing.

6. There’s an internal fault with your electric line.

If the problem lies with your electric lines, there’s a possibility that they’re damaged, worn out, or have short circuits. If you suspect that the problem is coming from your electric lines, you can contact an electrician to perform electrical tests on your system.

7. The thermostat is not set properly.

If the temperature in some rooms is a lot lower than the rest of the rooms in your house, and it’s not caused by humidity or overheating, there’s a possibility that you might’ve set up the thermostat incorrectly. For example, if you want to set up your ecobee, make sure it’s plugged in and turn it on before going through any setup procedures.

How to Set Ecobee to Cool Your Temperature

1. Turn off the thermostat.

The first thing you have to do is turn off your ecobee by accessing its settings menu. You can remove it from the wall and set it aside for safety purposes. The next step is to access the thermostat’s settings menu by double-clicking the device icon on the home screen.

2. Reset ecobee’s internal clock.

Access the soft reset procedure by removing the power cable and unplugging it from the device while still holding down the “Home” button beneath ecobee’s screen for at least 8 seconds until a small light on its lower-right corner starts blinking.

3. Reset your Wi-Fi connection.

If you have paired your ecobee with your phone or a device that uses an internet connection, it can have problems when the internet is impaired, such as from a damaged connection or when the network goes offline. You can resolve this type of problem by resetting your ecobee’s Wi-Fi connection.

4. Check for any software updates for ecobee

Once you’ve reset the thermostat, it will take you to its settings menu, where you’ll see an option to check for any new software updates on its system. Once completed and installed, it might solve some of the problems mentioned above and make your thermostat work as expected again.

5. Replace the batteries.

If you see that your ecobee battery life is low or has drained completely, you might want to replace it with a new one. After replacing your battery, it should solve most of the problems mentioned above and make your thermostat work correctly.

6. Adjust the temperature of the thermostat.

One of the easiest things you can do to control your thermostat settings is by setting it at a higher level to warm up the room or at a lower level to cool down the room. You can also adjust the set temperature on your ecobee by going through its menu options and making sure it doesn’t shut itself off in some rooms.

7. Replace your ecobee’s sensors.

If there’s an obstacle between your sensor and the main unit, the main unit might not pick up any signals from the sensor and will automatically shut down in some areas of your house.

8. Contact support

If your thermostat is still not working properly even after trying all the steps mentioned above, you can contact ecobee support by calling them on their toll-free number. They’ll be able to help you with setting up your thermostat, whether it’s in a new location or when you’re trying to reset your ecobee.

Why is My Ecobee Not Cooling to Set Temperature? Conclusion

In this article, you learned about the common problems of ecobee thermostats, especially the ones that are associated with overheating and cold air blowing in your home.

To make sure your system is working well, there’s a wide array of tools that you can use to test it and solve any problems that might occur. If you’re experiencing any difficulty with your ecobee thermostat, be sure to contact Ecobee’s online support via phone or chat window. They may be able to help you through any issues related to your thermostat.

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